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Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 20/09/2016

Poultry Farming, Pronutrients

Alquernat Magacal quality improver of the eggshell

The high cost of supplementing rations of chickens with a suitable source of phosphorus to meet their needs in this nutrient, delicate balancing act especially after the ban on the use of meal of animal origin in rations, has led to the introduction...

Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 6/09/2016

Mycotoxins, Poultry Farming

Alquernat Livol check yourself the hepatic regeneration

For the presence of high contamination of Aflatoxin included in cereal should put us on alert especially for consumers of cereal of Argentine origin. As we know most cereals contain more than one type of mycotoxin, we should be concerned especially...

Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 16/08/2016


Mycotoxins in Latin America

Some surveys published in the first half of 2015 show that in Latin America between 90 and 99% of balanced foods are contaminated by mycotoxins. There is an average of 75% that contains between two and seven mycotoxins.

Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 28/07/2016

Digestives, Immunostimulants, Pharmacology, Pronutrients

Control of Coccidiosis through a good management

The indiscriminate use of chemical compounds for the control of coccidiosis has developed resistance to certain drugs e.g. Eimeria. Resistance is usually one of the failures in parasite control. The ability of a parasite strain to survive despite...

Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 12/07/2016

Feeding, Preservatives

Preservatives, recovering the essence of the past

A few decades ago our food was preserved by natural methods, almost natural foods were preserved by smoking techniques or adding salt or vinegar, as yet there were no additives. Because a logical evolution have been added certain substances, natural...

Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 21/06/2016

Immunostimulants, Pronutrients

Pronutrients: News in immunostimulants in the market

Immunostimulants enhance disease resistance by increasing in both specific and non-specific defense mechanisms. Many immunostimulants are common dietary nutrients as polysaccharides, lipids or proteins supplied in concentrations higher than normal...

Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 24/05/2016

Antibiotics, Poultry Farming, Pronutrients, Swine

For the present without antibiotic growth promoters

In the near future, complete elimination of the use of antibiotics as growth promoters appears to be the most sensible and realistic option. Should also look for new alternatives to the use of antibiotics in animal feed and promote research that...

Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 18/04/2016


Yields pork cuts

Genetic evolution has made improving strains in recent years simply adapting to market needs. We could ensure that around 30 years ago the human has invested too much effort in these productivity improvements. All these data have been accumulated...

Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 2/03/2016

Poultry Farming, Swine

The income of the primary sector in Latin America

For more than 40 generations in the Latin American model has generated both an economic and food model that encouraged large differences in inequality among the population. This has led to a slow educational, cultural, economic, technological and...

Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 19/01/2016

Dissemination, Feeding, Mycotoxins, Poultry Farming, Swine

Cost of mycotoxins

As it is known, the cost caused by mycotoxins depends on the quality of the maize, from where it comes from and how the environmental conditions influence. The worst aspect regarding our sector is that it harms the performance of animals,...

Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 15/12/2015

Dissemination, Poultry Farming

Ecuadorian poultry

The last years, the policies implemented in Ecuador and the big efforts of the people have achieved for the country the level of self-sufficient in poultry and egg. The next step will be to increase the number of productions to achieve the awaited...

Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 2/10/2015

Poultry Farming

Chicken consumption per capita in Central America

After analyzing the consumptions of all the year 2014, we concluded that Panama has the largest market with the double of levels of chicken consumption per capita than the average of the other Central American countries, with a consumptions around...

Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 1/09/2015

Aquaculture, Poultry Farming, Swine

Russia veto consequences, the risk of dependence

The Russian ban on imports from the EU has become a nightmare for thousands of producers. But this impact can go beyond shopping to Russia, given the implications with third countries and the collapse in prices that producers fear.

Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 8/07/2015


Expansion veto by Russia

The agricultural sector is suffering an increasingly difficult situation and the authorities don’t do anything to improve their health. The veto has affected more autonomous communities such as Catalonia, which have a vocation for export....

Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 30/06/2015

Dissemination, Feeding

The interventionism of the Russian Government.

The productive capacity in primary sector has been reduced nearly 50% since 1991. This decline has been accompanied by the reduction of the state subsidies. The low productivity of the sector is due to the inefficiency of the reforms undertaken to...

Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 29/04/2015

Dissemination, Ruminants

The future of the Russian cattle

Today we will speak of Eastern Europe and the livestock sector. When we speak of the Eastern countries quickly comes to our mind Russia, the giant right?  it is an Eastern but not the only, we must not forget Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and...

Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 5/04/2015


Poland: Searching news markets against the Russian veto.

The entry of Poland into the EU in 2004 has been a great economic boost for the country. In just over 10 years has grown by 48.7% while the average for other nations that joined the EU in that year was 27%. Indeed, it was the only one that has not...

Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 16/03/2015

Antibiotics, Dissemination, Feeding

Eastern Europe: The role of Russia in ban on APC.

I would talk about the importance of food today. We all know that as humans we need to eat and nurture. In animal world, this does not differ so much. If we talk about the world in terms of production as all of us know we are looking for ways to...

Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 26/01/2015

Dissemination, Ruminants

Eastern Europe : The future of the Russian cattle

              Today we will speak of Eastern Europe and the livestock sector. When we speak of the Eastern countries quickly comes to our mind Russia, the giant right?  it is an Eastern but not the only, we must...

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