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Main Pathologies

Main Pathologies

Dra. Maria Soriano - 21/07/2020

Haemorrhagic enteritis of turkeys

TREATMENT AND PREVENTION OF TURKEYS HE outbreaks can be treated by subcutaneous injection with 0.5-1ml of antiserum from recovered birds. Recording secondary infections, antibiotics may be used and, if possible, election should be based on...

Main Pathologies

MV. Júlia Pié Orpí - 2/06/2020

Coccidiosis in ruminants

The most frequent clinical signs are bloody or mucous diarrhea, depression and weakness, abdominal pain, dehydration, paleness of the mucous membranes, weight loss and, in severe cases, constipation and rectal prolapse. In subclinical infestations,...

Main Pathologies

Dra. Maria Soriano - 20/04/2020

Newcastle disease

Newcastle disease is a viral infection of bird species, primarily seen as an acute respiratory disease, caused by virulent strains of avian paramyxovirus serotype 1 (APMV-1). It is a highly contagious disease of great relevance in the poultry industry.

Main Pathologies

MV. Júlia Pié Orpí - 31/03/2020

Coccidiosis in Turkeys

Coccidiosis in turkeys is a digestive disease of importance, not only because of its direct consequences, which include diarrhea, growth retardation and worsening of the feed conversion, but also because it represents an entrance gate for other...

Main Pathologies

Dra. Maria Soriano - 28/10/2019

Mycoses in Poultry

This article will review the symptoms and lesions, diagnosis and control of the most frequent avian mycoses in poultry farming: aspergillosis, candidiasis and mucormycosis.

Main Pathologies

Dra. Maria Soriano - 15/05/2019

Porcine necrotic enteritis

Porcine necrotic enteritis is a severe and usually lethal disease that affects the intestinal tract of piglets. It is an enterotoxaemia produced by Clostridium perfringens, characterized by a necro hemorrhagic intestinal mucosa. Necrotic enteritis is a...

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