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Jerson Andrés Cuéllar Sáenz - 27/07/2021

Mycotoxins in cow forage: What are their effects?

Mycotoxins are metabolites produced by fungi that contaminate forages. What effect do they have on cows?


Dr. Germán Bertsch - 8/04/2020

Main causes of diarrhea in pigs

Traditional prevention methods and natural solutions of the diarrhea in pigs. Among the most important problems due to their negative effect on productivity and profitability in pig production are gastrointestinal disorders, particularly diarrhea...


Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 5/03/2020

Feeding and digestion in fish

Knowing and understanding the feeding and digestion in fish and its peculiarities is essential to produce feed and additives that fit their needs and feeding behavior. The digestive system of fish shows a huge plasticity due to the different...


Veterinaria Digital - 12/07/2019

Digestive enzymes in fish

With the title, "Digestive enzymes in fishes" the lecture explored the different types of digestions presented by fishes (depending on their species) and the participation of enzymes in digestion.


Dra. Maria Soriano - 12/06/2019

Post-weaning diarrhea: control through the use of intestinal conditioner pronutrients

This article introduces the predisposing factors and the different control methods for Post-weaning Diarrhea, showing the effectivity of a natural product based on intestinal conditioner pronutrients to fight against the disease. Weaning is...


Dr. Germán Bertsch - 6/03/2019

Connection between intestinal health and egg quality

Genetic advances in animal production have enabled yield maximization in the last decades. Laying hens are, perhaps, the most representative species that validate it; current layers produce 50% more than in the 50s and 20% more than they did in the...


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