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VD - 26/07/2021

VD disclosure (123): genesis, selection and evolution

The genesis of life, selection and evolution are three natural phenomena that cannot exist without each other. To develop this premise, we will expose it to various points traveling back in time (genesis), going back to time (selection), and observing...

Scientific News

VD - 5/05/2021

Biological material captured by the Earth. Science blog 122

The Earth, along its trajectory, around the Sun, and depending on its gravitational force, loses some materials and gains others. It is consider that 90,000 tons of hydrogen and 1,600 tons of helium are lost annually. Both can escape by the...

Scientific News

VD - 11/01/2021

Extremophile organisms: Deinococcus radiodurans. Science blog 121

The bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans has recently shown to be able to survive radiation and temperature fluctuations in outer space during an experiment carried out in the Japanese Kibo module of the international Space Station. According to the...

Scientific News

VD - 25/06/2019

Evolution of UAC Homo-Pan towards Homo sapiens. Science blog 120

Chimpanzees, gorillas and hominids descend from a species known as UAC Homo-Pan (Last Common Antecedent of Hominids and Pan Chimpanzee-Gorillas). In this UAC Homo-Pan, a series of 8 genes were activated in cascade during the last 15 million years,...

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VD - 13/05/2019

Evolution of H, He and HeH+. Science blog 119th

As in genetics, the primitive molecule of vertebrates' DNA can be considered to be the DNA of primitive plants, once it has been deployed and duplicated (see Science blog 117th). In chemistry, it is considered that the Hydrogen atom is the primal...

Scientific News

VD - 23/04/2019

From the vegetable LUCA to current days and the future. Science blog 118th

Following Charles Darwin's idea on the existence of a common ancestor to all current forms of life, natural selection and the genetic code of species are discussed to explain the life transformation into more specialized forms more vulnerable to...

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