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Dr. Estefanía Mesa - 19/06/2019

Bacterial vaccines for veterinary use

Veterinary vaccines are antigen preparations to be used for preventing of diseases in animals caused by virus (Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis, Marek's disease, Gumboro disease, ...), bacteria (fowl cholera, fowl typhoid, colibacillosis,...


Dr. Juan Sabater Tobella - 19/04/2017

Hepatic metabolism and drug levels in blood

To simplify we will focus only on hepatic medicine metabolism in relation with genetic polymorphisms and we will discuss the mechanisms of transport through membranes and action by binding to the receptor in the target organ, although...


Dr. Juan Sabater Tobella - 6/04/2017

Pharmacogenetics holds the key to human organism

Pharmacogenetics is the science that allows different concepts to be applied to medical care. We define Pharmacogenetics as "the science that studies the actions and interactions between medicines in each person according to their genes"....


Dr. Juan Sabater Tobella - 22/03/2017

The long road that takes a medicine to travel in our body

This conference was based on the comment of images and diagrams of the cellular structures that the medicines have to cross, the metabolism that they suffer in the liver, the way they are eliminated by the urine or the bile and the mechanism of its...


Dr. Jaime Borrell Valls - 11/12/2016

Actual additives and premixes

The legislation on additives and premixes, in most countries, defines them as substances that are added to the food of healthy animals, in order to increase their productivity and improve environmental respect. However knowledge of the difficulties...


Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 28/07/2016

Control of Coccidiosis through a good management

The indiscriminate use of chemical compounds for the control of coccidiosis has developed resistance to certain drugs e.g. Eimeria. Resistance is usually one of the failures in parasite control. The ability of a parasite strain to survive despite...


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