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Veterinaria Digital - 7/04/2020

Feeding, Pronutrients

Alquernat Immuplus, essential in the protection against Newscastle disease

Newcastle disease is a viral infection that affects poultry and presents respiratory and nervous symptoms. It has a high economic impact because it is present in several countries around the world. In addition, the most virulent strains are of...

Veterinaria Digital - 30/03/2020

Feeding, Pronutrients

Consolidated alternative to organic acids and fungal inhibitors with Alquermold Natural

The preservation of grain and balanced feed is a key element to maintain its nutritional and microbiological quality. It is based on the control of microorganism (fungi and bacteria) that cause the degradation of feed. Classic methods use...

Veterinaria Digital - 23/03/2020


Alquerfeed Antitox for all species and productive aptitudes

Alquerfeed Antitox, mycotoxin binder of Biovet S.A., patented worldwide in 1988, has been proved effective throughout its more than 30 years on the market in all species and productive aptitudes. Several experimental and field trials confirm that...

Veterinaria Digital - 5/03/2020


AveSui 2020

From 29 Sept to 1 Oct the city of Medianeira (Paraná, Brasil) will host the 2020 edition of AveSui Latin America. After 20 editions, the congress is consolidated as an international referent in poultry and swine industry in Latin America. The...

Veterinaria Digital - 4/03/2020

Poultry Farming, Pronutrients

Biovet consolidates Alquernat Nebsui as a laying rate enhancer

The intestinal conditioner has proven effective even in hot environments Recently, Biovet S.A. has carried out a trail in Japan to evaluate the efficacy of Alquernat Nebsui, product based on intestinal conditioner pronutrients, in laying hens in...

Veterinaria Digital - 28/02/2020


Bangkok will host VICTAM and Animal Health and Nutrition Asia 2020 in July

From July 9-11 Bangkok (Thailand) will host the exhibition VICTAM and Animal Health and Nutrition Asia 2020. The event will have a total of 17,800 square meter of exhibition space and around 400 exhibitors will provide their services in the sectors...


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