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Dra. Maria Soriano - 12/06/2019

Digestives, Immunostimulants, Nutritionals, Swine

Post-weaning diarrhea: control through the use of intestinal conditioner pronutrients

This article introduces the predisposing factors and the different control methods for Post-weaning Diarrhea, showing the effectivity of a natural product based on intestinal conditioner pronutrients to fight against the disease. Weaning is...

Dr. Martín Quero - 22/05/2019


Dioxins and food safety

Dioxins are sub-elements generated from the combustion of compounds rich in chlorine, commonly called polychlorinated substances. Its origin can be linked to both industrial and natural processes. It has been proved that these chemicals are present...

Dr. Germán Bertsch - 8/05/2019

Immunostimulants, Pathology, Poultry Farming, Pronutrients

Avian coccidiosis: current situation in Southeast Asia and natural control methods

Coccidiosis is recognized as the parasitic disease with the greatest economic impact in the poultry industry worldwide. The losses are estimated at 1.5 trillion dollars per year, represented by a decrease in productive efficiency and anticoccidial...

Dr. David Díez Arias - 17/04/2019

Microbiocida, Poultry Farming, Preservatives

Impact of necrotic enteritis in birds and its prevention through the use of a natural additive based on cimenol ring

La enteritis necrótica (NE) es una infección aguda producida por el microorganismo gram-positivo Clostridium perfringens, que se caracteriza por la necrosis severa de la mucosa intestinal. Es una de las patologías aviares más importantes a nivel...

Dr. David Díez Arias - 3/04/2019

deodorizer, Poultry Farming, Swine

The importance of environmental ammonia levels and their control thanks to Alquernat Yucca

The quality of the environment in farms is a very important factor because animal welfare, productivity and, therefore, economic performance, depend on it. Although certain environmental parameters in farms are controlled methodically and routinely,...

- 27/03/2019


Urban fauna: Geochemical aspects of existence

The natural fauna of suburbs is gradually included into the growing cities and these areas become widely used by urban residents and biogenic landscapes – steppes, forests etc. – have begun to transform into technogenic areas. This has caused...


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