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Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 23/01/2020

Poultry Farming, Swine

Oxidative stress in animal production

Vitamin E and selenium (Se) are essential micronutrients that play a key role in the maintenance of the oxidative balance. The oxidative balance refers to the balance between the production of free radicals and the antioxidant capacity of the...

Dra. Maria Soriano - 17/01/2020

Farm management, Poultry Farming

Rearing pullets: handling and main challenges

The growing and rearing stages of the laying hen are basic to allow the animal express its maximum genetic potential in the productive phase, in order to achieve a proper production curve with high and persistent peak.

Dr. Germán Bertsch - 7/01/2020

Poultry Farming

Antibiotic-free egg production in poultry farming

Laying hens farming is focused on producing high-quality and safe eggs and, in addition, maintain a healthy status of the animals. In order to achieve these objectives, the use of vaccines and antibiotics (whether as prophylactic, therapeutic or to...

Veterinaria Digital - 2/01/2020

Aquaculture, Poultry Farming, Ruminants, Swine

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Veterinaria Digital - 10/12/2019


The Guinea Pigs

The Peruvian Guinea Pigs, also called cavy, scientifically corresponds to Cavia porcellus, of the Caviidae family originating in Andean regions of South America such as Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia.

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 2/12/2019


Causes of immune deficiency in pigs

Animals have a highly specialized mechanism consisting of organs, tissues and cells, whose objective is the detection and elimination of potentially pathogenic external agents. Such a defensive mechanism is what we call immunity. The organism has...


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