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Jerson Andrés Cuéllar Sáenz - 16/09/2021

Aflatoxins in Ruminants: What are their effects?

Aflatoxins are toxic metabolites produced by fungi that can affect ruminant animals and their production.


Jerson Andrés Cuéllar Sáenz - 27/07/2021

Mycotoxins in cow forage: What are their effects?

Mycotoxins are metabolites produced by fungi that contaminate forages. What effect do they have on cows?


Jerson Andrés Cuéllar Sáenz - 27/04/2021

Physiology of lactation in cattle

Milk is one of the most consumed foods in the world because of its high nutritional value. Besides, due to its composition, it is considered the most nutritious food source for mammals including humans. For cows to produce milk, many physiological...


Julio Pulisich - 22/04/2021

The Argentine agri-food sector: impact of international prices

On the last day of March, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), like every year, published the planting intention report of North American producers for the 2021/22 season in the United States. Due to this fact alone, the market...


Jerson Andrés Cuéllar Sáenz - 9/03/2021

Cattle breeds specialized in milk production

Some cattle breeds have specialized in milk production efficiently. Cattle breeds of European origin have spread across the continents thanks to their multiple characteristics and benefits.


Jerson Andrés Cuéllar Sáenz - 10/02/2021

Veterinary equipment and vaccination in animal production

In order to carry out a good vaccination process in the production systems it is important to know which equipment is needed and its usefulness. Veterinary accessories are part of the basic material of any professional dedicated to animal health.


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