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Lda. Marta Dompablo - 15/11/2018

We renew Veterinaria Digital: handbook

The digital magazine Veterinaria Digital has launched a new web platform. In collaboration with a prestigious company specialized in information technology, we have updated its website to increase usability and improve design. In this sense, the new...


Dra. Elvira Cano - 5/12/2017

Resistance to antibiotics

The use of plant extracts for the treatment of infectious diseases has been practiced since ancient times; however, the history of antibiotics begins at the beginning of the 20th century, with the finding of Rudolf Von Emmerich, a German...


Dr. David Díez Arias - 29/11/2017

Antibiotics in animal production, future perspectives and alternatives

The use of antibiotics in animal production is a controversial topic of discussion for a long time. Many discussions have been generated continuously regarding the use and prohibition of antibiotics in animal production, as well as the repercussions...


Dra. Noemí Lorenzo - 20/07/2017

Combinations of antibiotics and chemotherapeutics

Antibiotics are chemicals of natural origin produced by microorganisms of various species (bacteria and fungi) capable of stopping growth (bacteriostatic effect) or killing (bactericidal effect) bacteria. Industrial production, which made...


Conferencia - 7/04/2017

Evaluation of a pronutrient feed additive (Alquernat Nebsui) as a replacement for BMD when fed in conjunction with Salinomycin in

The conference on evaluation of an additive based on pronutrients Alquernat Nebsui at Symposium of Biovet in Atlanta presented by Dr. John Brake North Carolina State University.


Dr. Víctor Huguet - 7/07/2016

Antibiotic growth promoters

The AGPs were presented in the 50s as additives in the diet of animals for the production of meat, eggs and milk. The results of their application cannot be a subject of argue, however from very  beginning of their use started a debate on possible...


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