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Technonews VD - 3/09/2019

Chemotactic effect of immunostimulant pronutrients on macrophages and lymphocytes

Cellular movement plays a key role in a wide variety of biological phenomena.  It takes on a great importance within the immune response, especially with the movement of macrophages and lymphocytes. The movement of macrophages and lymphocytes into...


Technonews VD - 27/08/2019

Use of intestinal pronutrients in turkey to improve productivity and animal welfare

Pronutrients are active molecules of botanical origin capable of optimizing the physiology. Intestinal conditioner pronutrients improve the integrity of the intestinal mucosa, digestion and the balance of intestinal flora. Intestinal optimizer...


Technonews VD - 20/08/2019

Use of intestinal conditioner pronutrients as an alternative to zinc oxide for the control of post-weaning diarrhea

The objective of this trial is to compare the effect of intestinal conditioning pronutrients and zinc oxide on productive parameters and in the control of post-weaning diarrhea in piglets.


Technonews VD - 31/07/2019

Use of pronutrients against cochlosomiasis in turkeys

Cochlosoma anatis is a flagellated protozoa parasite that affects a wide variety of birds. It has special relevance in turkeys, as it causes episodes of diarrhea, weight loss and increased mortality. Predisposing factors include age, affecting to a...


Technonews VD - 23/07/2019

Productive performance of Nilotic tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fingerlings fed a diet with pronutrients

Intestinal conditioner pronutrients are active molecules with a botanic origin that can optimize intestinal physiology, improving digestion and intestinal absorption. Nilotic tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus) is a freshwater specie with a high interest in...


Technonews VD - 16/07/2019

Capacity of Silicogycidol molecule to reduce the excretion of aflatoxin M1 in goat milk

The aflatoxin M1 is a mycotoxin formed after the liver metabolization of aflatoxin B1, which is finally excreted in milk. Thus, becoming a risk for public health. The following assay evaluates the capacity of Silicoglycidol to reduce the excretion of...

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