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MV. Júlia Pié Orpí - 24/03/2021

Use of natural multifunctional solutions in piglets

This multifunctional solution for suckling piglets can be administered from day 5 to day 40 to obtain better weight (+231 g/piglet), less mortality and lower diarrhea percentages.


Technonews VD - 19/03/2021

Effect of cimenol ring in broilers challenged with Clostridium perfringens

Effect of cimenol ring in broilers challenged with Clostridium perfringens: Gut microbiological, histopathological and morphometrical analyses. This trial was conducted at the facilities of Universidad Científica del Sur (Lima, Perú) to evaluate...


Dr. Germán Bertsch - 15/02/2021

Use of immunostimulant pronutrients to increase the antibody titer in breeder pullets

Good immune status is correlated with the antibody titer of the animals, an optimal level of antibodies will translate into less morbidity and mortality, obtaining better productive and economic parameters.


MV. Júlia Pié Orpí - 21/01/2021

Mineral conditioner pronutrients in laying hens to improve eggshell quality and bone density

Mineral conditioner pronutrients in laying hens help to maintain good eggshell thickness (+1%) and percentage (+2.7%), related to less broken eggs.


Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 11/01/2021

Evaluation of the effect of intestinal optimizer pronutrients on Eimeria oocyst count in chickens vaccinated against coccidiosis

The shedding of Eimeria oocysts is related to the level of infection presented by animals and, therefore, to the risk that productive parameters will be affected.


MV. Júlia Pié Orpí - 23/12/2020

Use of intestinal conditioner pronutrients in newborn piglets

Intestinal conditioner pronutrients are active molecules from plant extracts that physiologically improve the functioning of enterocytes (cells of the digestive mucosa). They promote the integrity of the mucosa and the development of the gut in young...

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