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Technonews VD - 8/01/2019

In vitro trial: Use of cimenol ring with citric acid to prevent the invasion of enterocytes by porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus (PEDV)

Introduction Porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus (PEDV) can cause an acute and highly contagious enteric disease of pigs characterized by severe entero-pathogenic diarrhoea in piglets. Cimenol ring is a natural product effective as a broad-spectrum...


Technonews VD - 11/12/2018

Decrease ammonia concentrations in poultry

This trial, carried out in Colombia during the months of February and March of 2018, aimed to reduce ammonia concentrations adding a natural additive based on yucca extract and cimenol ring to the feed of laying hens.


Technonews VD - 27/11/2018

Effect of pronutrients in pigs at the end of the fattening stage

The purpose of this trial, performed in Colombia, was to assess the effect of removing antibiotic growth promoters in pigs during the withdrawal period (30 days) at the end of the fattening stage and replacing them by intestinal conditioner pronutrients.


Technonews VD - 13/11/2018

Evaluation of the biocidal efficacy of a natural preservative in fish meal with salmonella

INTRODUCTION In a trial performed in Ukraine a sample of fish meal was analyzed to check if it complied with the microbiological specifications for food and feed safety, which are: Total bacterial count (TBC): <5×105 CFU/g Clostridium...


Technonews VD - 30/10/2018

Effect of immunostimulant pronutrients in macrophages

An in vitro test, carried out in a private laboratory in Spain in 2015, researched the molecular mechanisms of the immunostimulant effect of a natural product rich in pronutrients.


Technonews VD - 23/10/2018

Action of intestinal optimizer pronutrients in piglets

In this trial, performed in the Antioquia region (Colombia) from February to March 2018, the reduction of neonatal diarrhea in piglets was evaluated by comparing liquid intestinal optimizer pronutrients with Toltrazuryl.

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