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Dr. Alfredo Palomino - 12/07/2019

Digestive enzymes in fish

With the title, "Digestive enzymes in fishes" the lecture explored the different types of digestions presented by fishes (depending on their species) and the participation of enzymes in digestion.


Dra Núria Martín Gairal - 2/07/2019

Physiology of egg laying hens

The egg production is a process of great complexity and that is intensely related to the reproductive organs physiology of the hen. The reproduction of the birds and of the mammals is very different, so much if we speak about their reproductive...


Dra. Alba Vidal - 15/06/2019

Coccidiosis in dogs

Coccidiosis is an intestinal parasite that affects most animal species, including humans. However, the most common coccidia found in our pets do not have an impact on human health. In dogs, most coccidia belong to the genus of Isospora, the most...


- 27/03/2019

Urban fauna: Geochemical aspects of existence

The natural fauna of suburbs is gradually included into the growing cities and these areas become widely used by urban residents and biogenic landscapes – steppes, forests etc. – have begun to transform into technogenic areas. This has caused...


Dra. Maria Peñas - 5/12/2018

Ability of pronutrients to increase the absorption of calcium in enterocytes

This article explains the lecture given by Dr. María Peñas, from Recombina Biotech, at the XXXI Biovet International Symposium in Tarragona, during the third session dedicated to pronutrients, which took place on May 28th, 2018. Under the title...


Lda. Marta Dompablo - 15/11/2018

We renew Veterinaria Digital: handbook

The digital magazine Veterinaria Digital has launched a new web platform. In collaboration with a prestigious company specialized in information technology, we have updated its website to increase usability and improve design. In this sense, the new...


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