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Dr. David DĂ­ez Arias - 25/05/2020

Integrity of the intestinal epithelium in animals

The intestinal epithelium plays an essential role in the growth and maintenance of the animal health. It allows the selective passage of nutrients and avoids that of pathogens and harmful molecules. However, under the current intensive farming...


Veterinaria Digital - 10/12/2019

The Guinea Pigs

The Peruvian Guinea Pigs, also called cavy, scientifically corresponds to Cavia porcellus, of the Caviidae family originating in Andean regions of South America such as Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia.


Dr. MartĂ­n Quero - 4/09/2019

Plasma Cholinesterase Activity in Wild Birds from Undisturbed Woodlands in the Central Monte Desert

Globally, the agricultural industry uses pesticides as a primary strategy in the regulation of pests that can affect crops and, therefore, can produce large economic losses. In South America, and particularly in Argentina, one of the most commonly...


Dr. Alfredo Palomino - 12/07/2019

Digestive enzymes in fish

With the title, "Digestive enzymes in fishes" the lecture explored the different types of digestions presented by fishes (depending on their species) and the participation of enzymes in digestion.


Dra NĂşria MartĂ­n Gairal - 2/07/2019

Physiology of egg laying hens

The egg production is a process of great complexity and that is intensely related to the reproductive organs physiology of the hen. The reproduction of the birds and of the mammals is very different, so much if we speak about their reproductive...


Dra. Alba Vidal - 15/06/2019

Coccidiosis in dogs

Coccidiosis is an intestinal parasite that affects most animal species, including humans. However, the most common coccidia found in our pets do not have an impact on human health. In dogs, most coccidia belong to the genus of Isospora, the most...


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