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Dra. Sara Borrell - 3/10/2018

Protease enzymes

In every chemical reaction there are different reactants (A + BC) transformed later into different products (AB + C) that have an intermediate step called transition state (A-B-C), in which the reactant bonds are weakened so they can be modified....


Dr. Enzo RodrĂ­guez - 8/11/2017

Biotechnology: Improves food digestibility

One of the benefits of biotechnology for animal health is enzymes. What are the enzymes? They are proteins that act as accelerators of chemical reactions, synthesis and degradation of compounds. It has high specificity, so each type of enzyme joins...


Dra. Siao Wu - 5/06/2013

Feed enzymes and environmental protection

Feed enzyme has no harmful effect against environment as it is protein safely without any side effects. That’s why it is also widely called “green feed additives” and its application has been favored more and more in the world.   Amylase...


Dra. Liliana Revolledo - 19/08/2010

How to keep the Balance of the Intestinal Microenvironment.

Intestinal ecosystem is composed by a few members, which interacts each other maintaining the balance of the microenvironment, such as microflora, mediators, immune cells, secretions and epithelial barriers. All these components are essential for a...


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