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Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 27/10/2020

Effect of the cimenol ring to prevent microbiological contamination of the egg

Eggs have great nutritional value, however, it is also one of the main foods causing food poisoning, especially by Salmonella spp. The pathogenic microbial load present in the digestive tract of birds is related to the presence of pathogens in the egg,...

Atlas of Pathology

Veterinaria Digital - 26/10/2020

Tracheal lesions in a IBV case

Avian infectious bronchitis virus have tropism for different tissues, such as respiratory, renal or reproductive. In the respiratory form of IBV, depressed birds are observed, with respiratory sounds and nasal discharge. At the necropsy, petechiae and...


Dr. Jaime Borrell Valls - 20/10/2020

Editorial 68th: Veterinary experiences in epizootic diseases

The evolution of poultry and pig farming radically changed the problems that arose from the mid-twentieth century to the present. Nowadays, billions of animals are raised in large communities in expressly built facilities. The increasing emergence of...

Atlas of Pathology

Deviated keel bone in broiler - 19/10/2020

Deviated keel bone in broiler

Deviated keel bone in broiler: It is considered as a type of rickets related to mineral deficiencies. Usually, it is caused by a deficiency in the absorption of phosphorus in the intestine, or inadequate levels of this mineral in diet. Furthermore, there...

Atlas of Pathology

Veterinaria Digital - 13/10/2020

Shigella infection in the liver

Shigella infection in the liver: Infectious toxic hepatoenteritis is a vertical infection that can be produced by different enterobacteria, such as Shigella, which causes bacterial hepatitis with livers where hypertrophied lobes and whitish...

Atlas of Pathology

Veterinaria Digital - 5/10/2020

Lesions in kidney by IBV

Lesions in kidney by IBV. Infectious bronchitis is caused by coronavirus. Some serotypes of this virus have tropism for the kidney causing lesions like the one observed in the picture, which leads to kidney failure. In addition, it is common to find...

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