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Tucídides - 27/09/2021


¿the decrease in the quality service of restaurants, the increase of rented, the increase of the use of bicycles and the difficulty of access to quality public health is due to an increase of tax burden? May they be due to the intention to achieve a...


Tucídides - 21/05/2021

Transparency VD 57: recovery and sustainability

In 1987 the "Brundtland report" was presented at the United Nations, advising measures for the conservation of biodiversity, the reduction of the consumption of fossil fuels and their substitution by renewable energy sources. The objective of such...


Tucídides - 16/12/2017

Transparency 56: Future headquarter of European agency of the medicine

Previously in eight publications of Transparency in Veterinaria Digital we paid attention to the subject of the Medicines’ Agencies. We consider that it is an important tool to design a national and supranational health models both in the human and in...


Tucídides - 3/06/2017

Transparency 55: Updating Thycidids; New paradigms

Ucidides (Alimos -460, Athens -395) wrote in his work History of the War of the Peloponnese Book III 81_83, the following: "Because in different cities the leaders of the parties, appealing on both sides to the seduction of programs according to their...


Tucídides - 23/10/2016

Transparency 54th: Lack of structural transparency

Since ancient times we have historical evidence of the will to impose, living conditions, citizens of a power. Cilo the Great (550 BC) conquered a huge territory, but Ciro boasted having conquered the entire world which he did under the idea of "I...


Tucídides - 24/07/2016

Transparency 53: Morón Mayorga Department of Records MIDA

According to sources consulted by Transparencia, on May 26, the official of DINASA had to appear in Third Chamber of the Supreme Court of Panama as a result of a process against decisions made by the MIDA. The situation of the attempt by the official...

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