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Farm management


Jerson Andrés Cuéllar Sáenz - 28/08/2020

Disinfection in pig farms: a key tool

The presence of pathogens in a pig farm is an essential aspect to always take into account; for this reason, cleaning and disinfection protocols are a key tool for the prevention of diseases in pigs.


Dr. Marco A. Hernández - 12/03/2020

Facilities in the pig sector. Pig housing

The following general requirements must be considered in the construction of pig housing: The land must have adequate drainage to avoid diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and pneumonia in the pigs. The orientation of the accommodation when...


Dr. Marco A. Hernández - 25/02/2020

Piglet handling

In every pig farm, there must be a management plan for the piglets handling. That is a fundamental key for the production of healthy pigs that reach their productive parameters in optimal time. Before farrowing, the sow must have dry and clean...


Dr. Marco A. Hernández - 14/02/2020

Conditioning of pig barn for pig production

The latest trend in animal protein production is increased production under an animal welfare improvement scheme. In pig production, the use of alternative systems is a global trend that seeks to improve the quality of life of pigs within the pig...


Dr. Marco A. Hernández - 30/01/2020

Feeding of hyperprolific sows

Today, genetic improvement in pigs has resulted in an increase in the prolificacy of litters; however, there has been no updating of the nutritional requirements of current breeding sows, mostly hyperprolific sows, throughout the cycle. Also, it...


Dr. Ă“scar F. Huertas Alva - 30/10/2019

Biosecurity: essential to increase Swine Production

Biosecurity is one of the most important parts of the process of swine production. It is a set of practices designed to prevent the entry and transmission of pathogens in farms, a strategic and integrated idea which includes regulatory frameworks...


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