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Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 4/05/2020

The egg yolk color and pigments

As the saying goes "you eat with your eyes first", nothing closer to reality: the color of the food is one of the main factors affecting our choice. Within animal production, this organoleptic aspect acquires a great importance in the case of eggs,...


Dra. Maria Soriano - 23/03/2020

Animal feed preservatives: effect on feed’s microbiological quality

The microbiological quality of the feed is a factor of great importance in animal production because of its impact on productivity and health status of the animals. In addition, the importance of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi or yeasts) and...


Dr. Marco A. Hernández - 30/01/2020

Feeding of hyperprolific sows

Today, genetic improvement in pigs has resulted in an increase in the prolificacy of litters; however, there has been no updating of the nutritional requirements of current breeding sows, mostly hyperprolific sows, throughout the cycle. Also, it...


Veterinaria Digital - 21/10/2019

Animal feed: Garlic Properties

Garlic (Allium sativum L.) is a plant native from Central Asia and has been widely used as food since ancient times, acquiring a reputation as a therapeutic agent in the folklore of many cultures.


Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 3/10/2019

Organic Products, a growing trend

In recent decades there has been an increase in the consumption of organic products worldwide. This upward trend stems from the increasing social awareness about the environmental impact of food production. Increased sensitivity to the use of...


Dr. MartĂ­n Quero - 22/05/2019

Dioxins and food safety

Dioxins are sub-elements generated from the combustion of compounds rich in chlorine, commonly called polychlorinated substances. Its origin can be linked to both industrial and natural processes. It has been proved that these chemicals are present...


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