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Dr. Germán Bertsch - 3/11/2020

Formulation and variability of raw materials in feed

Animal feed is formulated using the formulation system with the objective of achieving the lowest cost, combining the necessary quantities of the available ingredients (raw materials) to meet the nutritional requirements of the target animal. The...


Dra. Maria Soriano - 29/10/2020

Prevalence and prevention of mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are metabolites produced by toxigenic fungi which are of great concern as major food and feed contaminants. The ingestion of mycotoxins may damage the digestive mucosa and, once absorbed, may affect additional internal organs and the...


Dr. David DĂ­ez Arias - 23/10/2020

Strategies for feed conservation in South Asia

As in any other region of the world, in South Asia there are multiple challenges that threaten the quality of balanced feed and, therefore, the efficiency of farms. The differences with other regions are determined by the weather conditions since...


MV. Júlia Pié Orpí - 7/10/2020

Flavourings in animal feed: Improve palatability in Pig Production

Flavourings are especially important in stages where pigs have decreased appetite, such as the first days after weaning. The enhancement of taste and smell by flavourings help to improve feed palatability and, consequently, animal feed intake.


Enzo Rodriguez Ortega - 15/07/2020

Research and Development, key in animal nutrition

In the animal nutrition industry, R&D enables the delivery of the highest quality, scientifically supported products to clients and prospects. There may be an improvement and development of new products, the achievements in production parameters, as...


Enzo Rodriguez Ortega - 14/07/2020

Food safety against Covid-19

The current health crisis caused by Covid-19 has not only caused an economic crisis worldwide, it has also highlighted the food crisis that many countries have been suffering from the abandonment of animal production systems. In just a few weeks,...


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