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Atlas of Pathology

Veterinaria Digital - 9/09/2019

Trichothecenes in poultry

Trichothecenes are metabolites produced by Fusarium in climatic situations in which thermal variations between night and day exceed 10 ° C. It makes them more frequent in crops or storage facilities located in high areas or in winter, contrary to the...

Atlas of Pathology

Veterinaria Digital - 26/08/2019

Avian hemorrhagic fatty liver

The incorporation of poor quality fats into poultry feed, together with high energy parameters, can cause fatty degeneration of the liver. This organ has a friable consistency and initially develops petechiae that will later become hemorrhagic fatty...

Atlas of Pathology

Veterinaria Digital - 19/08/2019

Effect of poor quality fats on egg internal quality

Egg albumin is a gel made of protein and water. If the liver's ability to produce albumin is diminished by the presence of free radicals in feed fats, or fat acidity in the feed, it affects the intestinal absorption of amino acids. Therefore, it will...

Atlas of Pathology

Veterinaria Digital - 29/07/2019

Avian infectious bronchitis

Salpingitis produces oviduct fibrosis and this is reflected in the longitudinal cracks of the shell.

Atlas of Pathology

Nicarbazin toxicity - 22/07/2019

Nicarbazin toxicity

The pigmentation of the eggshell is due to the deposit of porphyrins that come from the recycling of materials produced in the destruction of aged erythrocytes. A liver injury caused by the toxicity of nicarbazin, which is present in layers feed,...

Atlas of Pathology

Veterinaria Digital - 15/07/2019

Aflatoxin hepatitis in goats

The ingestion of contaminated food with 80 μg of aflatoxin B1 per kg for 50 days causes liver inflammation - left side of the liver.

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