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Dr. MartĂ­n Quero - 12/05/2020

Mycotoxin contamination of raw materials used in the swine feed industry in latin america

Mycotoxins are low molecular weight chemical compounds generated as secondary toxic metabolites by a wide range of fungi. These microorganisms belong to the phylum Ascomycota, commonly known as moulds, particularly the genera Fusarium, Penicillium,...


Dr. David DĂ­ez Arias - 8/05/2020

Mycotoxin incidence in raw materials and feed in the swine industry

Situation in Southeast Asia. The pig industry in Southeast Asian countries has markedly increased in the past 20 years. The increase in population, as well as a moderate industrialization of the sector, have contributed to this growth, although,...


MV. Júlia Pié Orpí - 20/02/2019

The importance of evaluating the efficacy of a mycotoxin binder to fight mycotoxicosis

Mycotoxins are toxins produced by fungi that, once ingested by animals, cause considerable secondary effects, such as a worsening of performance and serious economic losses. In addition, they can reach humans whether directly (through contaminated...


MV. Júlia Pié Orpí - 12/09/2018

Mycotoxicosis in aquaculture and other digestive problems

This article includes the lecture given by Dr. Julia Pié, head of the technical team of Biovet SA, at the XXXI International Symposium of Biovet in Tarragona, 2018, during the first session devoted to aquaculture, which took place on May 28th....


Dr. Kolapo Ajuwon - 9/05/2018

Effect of a pronutrients-based liver protector on growth and health of pigs

Mycotoxins are highly toxic metabolites secreted by fungi, which can be included in the feed chain and arrive to animals affecting their organic functions, especially the liver function. Alquerfeed Antitox is mycotoxin binder of Biovet S.A. which...


Dra. Elvira Cano - 22/03/2018

Mycotoxins impact on animal production

Fungi that grow in food are known since ancient times and they have been used as direct food, to improve them or with therapeutic purposes. But there are certain species of fungi that produce toxic metabolites, known as mycotoxins. The term...


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