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MV. JĂșlia PiĂ© OrpĂ­ - 25/09/2019

Poultry Farming

Factors that affect the egg internal quality and hatchability

Egg internal quality is a major issue in poultry, whether in layers or breeders, because, in the former, internal quality defines the egg nutritional quality and acceptance in the market. At the same time, in breeders, it is translated into better...

MV. JĂșlia PiĂ© OrpĂ­ - 20/02/2019

Mycotoxins, Pathology, Swine

The importance of evaluating the efficacy of a mycotoxin binder to fight mycotoxicosis

Mycotoxins are toxins produced by fungi that, once ingested by animals, cause considerable secondary effects, such as a worsening of performance and serious economic losses. In addition, they can reach humans whether directly (through contaminated...

MV. JĂșlia PiĂ© OrpĂ­ - 19/09/2018

Poultry Farming, Pronutrients

Effect of pronutrients in laying hens

With the title, "Alquernat Nebsui liquid in laying hens. Effect on productive parameters and egg quality" a study conducted by the Mississippi State University in February 2018 was presented.

MV. JĂșlia PiĂ© OrpĂ­ - 12/09/2018

Aquaculture, Feeding, Mycotoxins, Pathology

Mycotoxicosis in aquaculture and other digestive problems

This article includes the lecture given by Dr. Julia Pié, head of the technical team of Biovet SA, at the XXXI International Symposium of Biovet in Tarragona, 2018, during the first session devoted to aquaculture, which took place on May 28th....

MV. JĂșlia PiĂ© OrpĂ­ - 14/03/2017

Dissemination, Feeding, Pronutrients, Swine

Environmental impact of pig production and ways to reduce it

The global increase of meat production and farms’ intensification have led to a greater pressure on producers to reduce the environmental impact of animal production. In pig farming, the main elements contributing to environmental pollution are...

MV. JĂșlia PiĂ© OrpĂ­ - 18/10/2016

Dissemination, Feeding, Swine

MInerals in pig diets: Calcium

INTRODUCTION Diets should supply six kinds of nutrients: water, carbohydrates, fat, protein (aminoacids), minerals and vitamins. One of these groups, minerals, are a little percentage in pig diets, but they are of a great importance to ensure a...

MV. JĂșlia PiĂ© OrpĂ­ - 8/09/2016

Pronutrients, Swine

The Liver: The main organ

Pig’s liver is composed of a total of four lobes: two lateral and two central lobes. It has a great amount of interlobular tissue, which gives it a mottled appearance. It also has an umbilical fissure between the central lobes. Its importance...

MV. JĂșlia PiĂ© OrpĂ­ - 23/08/2016

Dissemination, Mycotoxins, Swine

Deoxynivalenol in pigs

Nowadays, food and feed safety is an issue of major importance all around the world. This has led to an increasing interest in controlling contaminants in feed, such as fungal toxins (mycotoxins) and on elucidating the direct implications of this...

MV. JĂșlia PiĂ© OrpĂ­ - 4/08/2016

Pathology, Swine

A new approach against swine coccidiosis

There are different species of coccidia capable of affecting pigs belonging genera Eimeria and Isospora. These parasites most severely affect piglets in early ages, but can also infest animals of other ages. To mitigate the effects of this...

MV. JĂșlia PiĂ© OrpĂ­ - 19/07/2016

Feeding, Pronutrients, Swine

Swine Salmonelosis: imbalance in the intestine

Products of animal origin are a common source of salmonella infection, one of the most important food-borne pathogens. It is a genus of bacteria of the family Enterobacteriaceae, formed by gram-negative bacilli. Its importance in swine is due,...

MV. JĂșlia PiĂ© OrpĂ­ - 28/06/2016

Dissemination, Immunostimulants, Swine

Early weaning: a challenge for immunity

Weaning in intensive production The urgent needs to meet the growing of humanity needs have become essential to increase food production. In recent years pork production, which occupies an important role in the structure of human nutrition has...

MV. JĂșlia PiĂ© OrpĂ­ - 7/06/2016

Antibiotics, Feeding, Pronutrients, Swine

Growth promoters in pig farming

The main target in pig farming is to maximise animal growth and its efficiency. This can be achieved by using growth-promoting substances which, when added in feed, modify digestive and metabolic pathways in order to improve feed digestion and...

MV. JĂșlia PiĂ© OrpĂ­ - 2/05/2016

Dissemination, Pathology, Swine

Swine parasitosis IV. Ascariasis. Aetiology, epidemiology and relevance.

One of the most important parasitic diseases in pig production is the ascariasis, caused by Ascaris suum. Its relevance is due to, not only its frequency, but also to its economic and clinical impact. This introductory article will focus on the...

MV. JĂșlia PiĂ© OrpĂ­ - 29/02/2016

Pathology, Swine

Swine parasitosis – Neonatal coccidiosis, Control & prevention

Control and prevention. The elimination of Isospora suis from a farm can be really complicated due to the high environmental resistance of the oocysts, which can survive outside the host for months. To control isosporosis in commercial farms,...

MV. JĂșlia PiĂ© OrpĂ­ - 25/01/2016

Pathology, Swine

Swine parasitosis – Neonatal coccidiosis, Diagnosis

It is important to know the biological cycle of Isospora suis to understand the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of porcine neonatal coccidiosis. For this reason this article briefly explains the life cycle of the parasite, in addition to citing...

MV. JĂșlia PiĂ© OrpĂ­ - 7/01/2016

Pathology, Swine

Swine parasitosis – neonatal coccidiosis: Etiology and epidemiology

Introduction: Swine parasitosis The breeds used in pork production currently have a high genetic potential, so the profitability of farms today is mainly due to the removal of constraints to optimize this innate potential.

MV. JĂșlia PiĂ© OrpĂ­

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