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Veterinaria Digital - 2/01/2020

Aquaculture, Poultry Farming, Ruminants, Swine

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You can now download the NEW EDITION OF VETERINARIADIGITAL with a small compilation of the most relevant articles from our international news portal on Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production.

Veterinaria Digital - 10/12/2019


The Guinea Pigs

The Peruvian Guinea Pigs, also called cavy, scientifically corresponds to Cavia porcellus, of the Caviidae family originating in Andean regions of South America such as Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia.

Veterinaria Digital - 21/10/2019

Antibiotics, Feeding, Nutritionals, Pronutrients

Animal feed: Garlic Properties

Garlic (Allium sativum L.) is a plant native from Central Asia and has been widely used as food since ancient times, acquiring a reputation as a therapeutic agent in the folklore of many cultures.

Veterinaria Digital - 11/10/2019

Farm management, Pathology, Swine

What is african swine fever?

African swine fever (ASF) is a highly contagious hemorrhagic disease of viral origin and affects pigs. Prevention in disease-free countries is based on implementing a good import policy and biosecurity measures to prevent the entry of infected...

Veterinaria Digital - 2/10/2019

Aquaculture, Farm management, Farm management, Poultry Farming, Ruminants, Swine


From now on you can download the latest news in magazine format. In a quarterly format (every three months) you can be informed of the most relevant veterinary and animal production. The magazine will be published quarterly and will be available in...

Veterinaria Digital - 7/07/2017

Feeding, Nutritionals, Pronutrients

Pronutrients in animal nutrition. Why?

Because of that, the consumption of industrial origin meat became popular. On the other hand, the same industrialization generated loss of confidence in customers due to sanitary problems of food origin such as Bovine spongiform encephalopathy or...

Veterinaria Digital - 9/07/2013


Natural preservatives

Plants in the wild do not go mouldy, and yet they are in an environment that predisposes them to suffer from the infestation of all type of spoilage organisms. Yeasts, moulds and bacteria abound in the soil, all working to breakdown dead plant...

Veterinaria Digital - 3/06/2013

Aquaculture, Mycotoxins


Dioxins is the popular name, but inaccurately, by which are known the polychlorinated-dibenzo-p-dioxins, called with the acronym: PCDDs. It is a group of 75 different substances characterized by a three ring structure, from whom two are benzenic...

Veterinaria Digital - 23/11/2012


Antioxidants and Free Radicals

First we will detail in this article the concepts of free radicals at the cellular and biochemical, and the effects caused in animals which require the use of antioxidants in the diet to avoid these problems at the production level, and in the case...

Veterinaria Digital - 10/09/2012

Antioxidants, Feeding, Poultry Farming, Swine

Animal nutrition and the use of antioxidants in the feed

An antioxidant is a molecule capable of slowing or preventing the oxidation of other molecules. The oxidation is a chemical reaction of electron transfer of a substance to an oxidizing agent. Oxidation reactions can produce free radicals, which...

Veterinaria Digital - 25/06/2010

Pathology, Ruminants

Treatment for Bovine Papillomatosis

Bovine papillomatosis is a disease of viral origin, which needs factors such as epithelial alterations derived from inappropriate alimentation or exploitation of non adapted breeds in tropical climate. There are 3 measures to fight against this...

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The blog describes the pathologies that can be found in birds and swine all over the world. This section provides an information about the causes and effects of the main diseases that affect these sectors. This blog introduces the main approaches to avoid frequent diseases, describes the pathologies and visualizes through the photos, also offers knowledge of a very important subject in the poultry / swine sector. The blog is directed by a scientific group of Biovet S.A.


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