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Magazine of veterinary information, medicine and zootechnics, specialized in the poultry, pig, ruminant and aquaculture sectors

Magazine of veterinary information, medicine and zootechnics, specialized in the poultry, pig, ruminant and aquaculture sectors


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Dra Evangelina Zárate - 14/09/2022

Poultry Farming

The importance of minerals in poultry production

Poultry nutrition is a broad complex that involves the adaptation of diets to different production systems (broilers in intensive conditions, commercial layers, breeders and variants of these systems) covering the needs of birds for metabolizable...

Dra Evangelina Zárate - 5/09/2018

Dissemination, Pathology, Poultry Farming

Environmental components and swollen head syndrome in poultry

The internal environment of the barn directly affects the health of the birds and the expression of the productive parameters. For this reason, the farmer must know what type of gases and particles are in contact with the respiratory tract of the...

Dra Evangelina Zárate - 4/04/2018

Dissemination, Poultry Farming, Preservatives, Swine

A natural proposal aimed for using feed preservatives: ‘Thymus vulgaris’

The use of feed preservatives that are based on thyme ‘Thymus vulgaris’ vegetal extract has many economic and productive benefits. Thyme contains active principles with antioxidant and preservative properties that can be extracted and used on...

Dra Evangelina Zárate - 18/08/2017

Pathology, Swine

Swine Pathologies in Argentina

As for today the production of pork in Argentina is in the third place after the bovine and bird. In 2016 there was an average consumption of 12.3 kg / per person of pork; belonging 3kg to the consumption of slaughtered, this value was the...

Dra Evangelina Zárate - 15/06/2017

Pathology, Poultry Farming

Findings in broiler slaughter plants

During the process of broiler slaughter, the registration veterinarian has the possibility to visualize several injuries during the inspection of the birds. Many of them occur during the activities of capture and transport of the birds to the...

Dra Evangelina Zárate - 15/01/2017

Feeding, Poultry Farming

Use of additives in the poultry industry in Argentina

At the scientific and technological fairs and congresses held during the year 2016 the clear trend towards the use of these technologies in animal nutrition applied to different types of livestock farms (aquaculture, cattle, swine, and poultry)...


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