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Dra. Elvira Cano - 17/05/2018

Impact of mycotoxins on dairy farming

The objective of this article is to analyze the main aspects of mycotoxicosis and their impact in bovine milk production. The most relevant mycotoxins in dairy cattle are Aflatoxins, Zearalenone, T-2 toxin, Ochratoxin, Vomitoxin or Deoxynivalenol....

Dra. Elvira Cano - 22/03/2018

Dissemination, Mycotoxins, Swine

Mycotoxins impact on animal production

Fungi that grow in food are known since ancient times and they have been used as direct food, to improve them or with therapeutic purposes. But there are certain species of fungi that produce toxic metabolites, known as mycotoxins. The term...

Dra. Elvira Cano - 5/12/2017

Antibiotics, Pronutrients

Resistance to antibiotics

The use of plant extracts for the treatment of infectious diseases has been practiced since ancient times; however, the history of antibiotics begins at the beginning of the 20th century, with the finding of Rudolf Von Emmerich, a German...

Dra. Elvira Cano - 21/11/2017

Immunostimulants, Ruminants

The importance of calves’ immune status in the feedlot

The entrance of the calves to the feedlot is a very important stage in the bait process, which will influence the final results. Colostrum antibodies provide passive immunity to the animal, which protects its first days of life. Calves should...

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