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AveSui 2021 will take place in Medianeira in April

The event will take place in the province of Paraná, an important place in the country since it is where the highest rate of animal production is located. There is the triple border of Brazil: the area with the highest animal production per square meter in the world. In this geographical area near Paraná, the countries of Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay are joined. With a natural vocation for agro-industry, the region has a strong development of activities such as poultry farming, pig farming, aquaculture, and dairy farming. For this reason, the region where AveSui 2021 will be held has great business potential for the development of technologies and techniques, the exposure of companies, and the formation of alliances.

Veterinaria Digital - 1/02/2021

AveSui 2021 will take place in Medianeira in April

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