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Poultry Farming


Veterinaria Digital - 27/10/2021

Alquerfeed Antitox and Alquerfeed Binmold present in the Philippines

Recently, the Asian-Biotechnology commercial technical team has made several visits and meetings in the Philippines.


Veterinaria Digital - 26/10/2021

The ANAVIP XXXII National Poultry Congress

The XXXII National Poultry Congress of Panama is approaching and will present many exhibitors from different countries.


Veterinaria Digital - 26/10/2021

IPPE 2022 opens the registration and housing stage for attendees

IPPE 2022 attendees can register and organize their housing details for the event.


Veterinaria Digital - 22/10/2021

Minervet S.A. will begin a trial with Minermold at Maza University

Minervet S.A. will begin a trial with Minermold at Maza University which is part of the scientific research agreement signed in 2018


Veterinaria Digital - 13/10/2021

Intestinal welfare in poultry and pig farms, lead the International Symposium for China

The congress was held in online format on 23rd of September 2021and was organized by Biovet S.A. and Beijing Chengzhi Zhonghe, in collaboration with Veterinaria Digital.


Veterinaria Digital - 6/10/2021

Pronutrients improve eggshell weight and quality

Biovet S.A. carried out a trial with intestinal conditioner pronutrients in laying hens obtaining positive results on eggshell weight and quality.


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