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Ldo. Albert Curto - 11/03/2019

Biovet will hold its 32nd International Symposium in May in Tarragona

The Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona, Spain, will host the 32nd Biovet International Symposium on May the 27th and 28th 2019. The latest developments in natural additives for animal health and nutrition are expected to be presented in the annual...


Lda. Marta Dompablo - 17/12/2018

Biovet S.A. will present its innovations on US patents, field trials and product development at IPPE

Attendees who visit Biovet S.A. will be able to obtain precise information on the latest innovations developed by their R + D + i Department. Specifically, with respect to patents and registrations: an invention patent in the mycotoxin field, the...


Lda. Marta Dompablo - 4/12/2018

Δ’Labs, first laboratory that has available a diagnostic service by images

Δ’Labs, la Red Internacional de Laboratorios especializada en el diagnóstico y análisis clínicos veterinarios ha implementado entre sus servicios el diagnóstico por imágenes. De este modo, los productores de avicultura, porcicultura,...


Lda. Marta Dompablo - 3/12/2018

Alquernat Nebsui patent, granted in the US

The patent of Alquernat Nebsui, formulated with pronutrients that improve digestive physiology, has been granted in the USA, dated October 30th, 2018. This product has been developed by the manufacturer of additives of natural origin Biovet S.A....


Lda. Maria Sabaté - 19/11/2018

Dr. Jaime Borrell will chair Vallbo Foundation

Dr. Jaime Borrell will be the chairperson and founder of Vallbo Foundation which will start working next January 2019 with the aim to promote the research in veterinarian field.


Lda. Marta Dompablo - 16/11/2018

World Antibiotic Awareness WeeK

Each November, World Awareness Week on Antibiotics (WAAW) is commemorated. This year is being held from November 12th to 18th. This initiative aims to increase global awareness of antibiotic resistance and to encourage best practices among the...


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