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Veterinaria Digital - 19/10/2020

First session of the Biovet International Symposium

The Biovet International Symposium started on Tuesday October 6, 2020. This year the event was held online due to the consequences caused by the global pandemic. In this first session, entitled ‘Gut health challenges’, two trials were...


Veterinaria Digital - 14/10/2020

Alquernat Nebsui alone and in combination with zinc oxide to replace carbadox in diets for weaned pigs

In conclusion, Alquernat Nebsui represents an effective alternative for the improvement of the productive parameters in weaned pigs, either alone or in combination with zinc oxide. This natural product can replace antibiotic products such as...


Veterinaria Digital - 31/08/2020

Leader in intestinal integrity

The optimal status of the digestive mucosa is an essential factor for animal health and meat and egg production.


Veterinaria Digital - 10/12/2019

Technical visits in Malaysia and Myanmar

In November, a commercial and technical team of Biovet S.A. visited Malaysia and Myanmar to meet the distributors and main customers of the poultry sector. Natural products intended for the control of coccidia, mycotoxicosis and fungal...


Ldo. Albert Curto - 8/07/2019

Biovet S.A. patents its natural immune booster Alquernat Immuplus

Biovet S.A. obtained the patent for its natural immune booster additive Alquernat Immuplus, on April 15 2019. This product made of plant extracts is manufactured in both pre-mix and oral solution, and is rich in pronutrients with immunostimulant...


Ing. Gerardo Mayoral García - 8/07/2019

Alquermes Mexico launches manufacturing facilities for powder and liquid products

Alquermes Mexico has recently launched new facilities for the manufacturing of liquid and powder-based  products. The new machinery will be used in the production of Alquerplus Doxycycline 15%, a fat-soluble tetracycline oral solution; and Aldox, a...


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