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Ldo. Albert Curto - 7/06/2019

Veterinaria Digital will be an official media partner of VIV Qingdao 2019 in China

The World Expo City of Quingdao, in the Chinese province of Shandong, will host the first edition of the international exhibition VIV Qingdao between September 19 and 21, 2019. Veterinaria Digital has been selected as one of the official...


Ldo. Albert Curto - 3/06/2019

Biovet held its 32nd International Symposium in Tarragona with veterinarians, zootechnicians and producers from 19 countries

The city of Tarragona, Spain, hosted the 32nd edition of the International Biovet Symposium between May 25 and 28. The event brought together more than 50 veterinary specialists, zootechnicians, animal producers and researchers from 19 countries to...


Ldo. Albert Curto - 27/05/2019

EJF Laboratories renews its membership to the Chamber of Commerce of Panama

EJF Laboratories, a company founded in 2009 by a multidisciplinary team of pathologists, microbiologists and immunologists in the manufacture of vaccines, renewed its membership to the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama...


VD - 13/05/2019

Biovet S.A. 35 years of history: 1994-1996

Biovet S.A. Laboratorios, empresa fabricante de aditivos de origen natural para alimentación animal, cumple 35 años. En esta noticia destacamos los hechos acontecidos entre 1994 y 1996. La principal novedad en estos años es que la empresa hizo...


Colaboradores VD - 7/05/2019

Collaboration Agreement between Minervet and the Faculty of Veterinary and Environmental Sciences of Maza University

On April 25th, Minervet S.A. signed a collaboration agreement with the Faculty of Veterinary and Environmental Sciences of Maza University. Such accord will imply a joint product research aimed at the improvement of animal nutrition for better...


VD - 3/04/2019

Biovet S.A. 35 years of history: 1991-1993

Biovet S.A. Laboratories, manufacturer of natural additives for animal feed, turns 35 years. In this piece of news, we highlight the events that took place between 1991 and 1993. Among them, it is worth emphasizing: the opening of the first business...


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