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Veterinaria Digital - 31/08/2021

Biovet S.A. renews the FAMI QS certificate

One more year, Biovet S.A. Laboratories has renewed the Fami QS certificate, a title that, in addition to quality, ensures that the company’s products are manufactured in accordance with the applied regulations.


Veterinaria Digital - 15/07/2021

Natural solutions for layers

Last Thursday, June 17, 2021, in the second session of the XXXV International Symposium, Dr. German Bertsch, Biovet’s veterinarian, presented the company’s OVUM product line.


Veterinaria Digital - 31/08/2020

Leader in intestinal integrity

The optimal status of the digestive mucosa is an essential factor for animal health and meat and egg production.


Veterinaria Digital - 25/08/2020

Heat stress in layers: Biovet’s Alquerfeed product line

In warm seasons, the basic thermoregulation mechanisms are insufficient and heat stress causes problems in the birds. Initially, lethargic birds are observed, with stretched wings, increased water consumption, decreased feed intake and low...


Veterinaria Digital - 25/08/2020

Biovet S.A. renews the FAMI QS certificate until 2023

Food safety is a priority issue for consumers, food companies and public administrations. To comply with the standards set by the European Union, there are several regulations that control the activities related to food, including animal nutrition.


Veterinaria Digital - 4/11/2019

Biovet obtains the QS certificate

Recently Biovet S.A. has carried out the administrative process to validate the QS certificate, quality seal for the products marketed and for good manufacturing and safety practices. This certificated is added to the Fami QS, an European title that...


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