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Veterinaria Digital - 6/11/2020

Effective natural alternative to improve productive parameters at weaning

The third session of the Biovet International Symposium took place on Tuesday October 13th, 2020 and focused on the natural solutions to improve post-weaning performance. A trial about the use of intestinal conditioner pronutrients in the...


Veterinaria Digital - 19/10/2020

Animal welfare and the implications of stress on the immune system and production

Animal welfare and related health status has a significant economic impact on productive units. Factors contributing to disease must be taken into account in order to ensure the well-being of animals and avoid further economic losses. Stress is the...


Veterinaria Digital - 14/10/2020

Alquernat Nebsui alone and in combination with zinc oxide to replace carbadox in diets for weaned pigs

In conclusion, Alquernat Nebsui represents an effective alternative for the improvement of the productive parameters in weaned pigs, either alone or in combination with zinc oxide. This natural product can replace antibiotic products such as...


Veterinaria Digital - 31/08/2020

Alquernat Nebsui to control post-weaning diarrhea, poster at the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference

Biovet S.A. will present a poster entitled ‘Use of Alquernat Nebsui alone and in combination with Zinc Oxide to replace carbadox in diets for weaned pigs’ at the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference. This year, the congress will be held online from...


Veterinaria Digital - 15/07/2020

Essential product to prevent swine influenza

Swine influenza is a disease that causes periodic outbreaks in pigs in different areas of the world that negatively impacts animal health and productive performance and can compromise farm viability.


Veterinaria Digital - 15/06/2020

Alquernat Yucca improves animal welfare and productive performance in pigs

Ammonia is an irritant gas that can damage the respiratory airways. It affects the tracheal mucosa and the bronchia, causing cilia paralysis or drop, or even the necrosis of the epithelia. The type and severity of the damage depends on the ammonia...


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