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Veterinaria Digital - 15/06/2020

Alquernat Yucca improves animal welfare and productive performance in pigs

Ammonia is an irritant gas that can damage the respiratory airways. It affects the tracheal mucosa and the bronchia, causing cilia paralysis or drop, or even the necrosis of the epithelia. The type and severity of the damage depends on the ammonia...


Veterinaria Digital - 8/05/2020

Improvement of parameters at weaning with Alquernat Nebsui

Weaning is one of the most critical periods in pig production. It supposes a drastic change in the diet of the piglets that can lead to a decrease in growth and digestive problems. In order to ensure health and productivity during this stage,...


Veterinaria Digital - 18/02/2020

AMVECAJ closes the 2020 edition successfully

From February 5 to 7, Tepatitlán de Morelos (Jalisco, Mexico) hosted the XXVI Cycle of conferences organized annually by the Asociación de Médicos Veterinarios Especialistas en Cerdos de los Altos de Jalisco (AMVECAJ). The event is consolidated...


Veterinaria Digital - 8/01/2020

VeterinariaDigital will be an official media partner of AMVECAJ Conference cicle

From February 5 to 7, 2020, Tepatitlán de Morelos (Jalisco, Mexico) will host the XXVI edition of the AMVECAJ Conference Cycle this year entitled ‘Training… the power of transformation’. Veterinaria Digital will be official media in this...


Veterinaria Digital - 18/11/2019

Commercial visits of Biovet S.A. in the United States

During the trip a conference on Alquermix was held in the Symposium on Gut Health In November, a technical and commercial team of Biovet S.A. visited the United States to meet representatives from leading poultry, pig and turkey farms interested in...


Veterinaria Digital - 1/10/2019

Pronutrients, mycotoxin binders and natural preservatives in the Golden Sands Biovet Simposium

On Saturday, 28 September 2019, Golden Sands (Varna, Bulgaria) held a workshop with conferences about the use of natural additives in animal nutrition. The event brought together around 50 veterinarians, producers and technicians from Rumania in a...


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