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Ldo. Albert Curto - 17/07/2019

Aviculture: new applications of pronutrients and a preservative with a biocidal effect

The use of pronutrients in avian production, as well as its advantages in mitigating the impact of coccidia and necrotic enteritis were the main topics in the second session of the 32nd International Symposium of Biovet.  It was held on May 27-28...


Ldo. Albert Curto - 1/07/2019

Alquerzim line of enzymatic supplements registered in China

The main objective of the Alquerzim enzymatic line is the optimization of the digestive processes to obtain better productive parameters. In this sense, a better digestion entails the decrease in the presence of undigested feed in the digestive...


Lda. Maria Sabaté - 22/10/2018

EJF Laboratories participates at ANAVIP 2018

EJF Laboratories has attended the XXIX National Poultry Congress of ANAVIP which took place on October 18th and 19th in Panamá. The company EJF Laboratories is engaged with the manufacture of veterinary products, specifically, the lines of...


Lda. Marta Dompablo - 8/10/2018

Biovet S.A will attend Eurotier

Biovet S.A Laboratories, a manufacturer of botanical source additives, will be present at Eurotier, which will be held from 13th to 16th November, in Hannover (Germany). This year the topic of the trade show for livestock professionals is:...


Lda. Marta Dompablo - 23/07/2018

A technical team of Biovet S.A. visit India

Dr. David Díez, representative of the technical team of the company of additives of natural origin, Biovet S.A, visited India at the end of June. Specifically, he met distributors from the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and...


Lda. Marta Dompablo - 25/06/2018

Pronutrients, enzymes and mycotoxin binders, protagonists in the XXXI Biovet International Symposium

Pronutrients, enzymes and mycotoxin binders were the protagonists of the 4th session of the XXXI Biovet International Symposium, which was held from May 26 to 29 at the Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona. Producers and distributors of the poultry and...


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