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Veterinaria Digital - 20/09/2021

Minervet International Symposium 2021

The event presented important news in the field of poultry and swine nutrition related to the use of shikimates and mycotoxin binders developed by Minervet.


Veterinaria Digital - 23/08/2021

Alquerfeed Antitox, the best benefits in one mycotoxin binder

Previously, we have described the patented method of obtaining Alquerfeed Antitox and its mechanism of action. Thanks to this obtaining process, Alquerfeed Antitox has unique properties as a mycotoxin binder, which are all differential compared to...


VD - 2/08/2021

Alquerfeed Antitox: unique structure, optimized function

As we have previously described, silicate´s function depends on their structure. In this sense, Biovet has developed a patented molecule called Silicoglycidol, highly effective as a mycotoxin binder, which is the main component of Alquerfeed...


VD - 28/07/2021

All are silicates but not all are Silicoglycidol

What are silicates, structure and functions Silicates, a union of silicon and oxygen, also called silicic acid salts, are the most abundant minerals in the earth’s crust.


Veterinaria Digital - 5/02/2021

Silicoglycidol meets all conditions to be highly effective against mycotoxicosis

The properties that make a mycotoxin binder highly effective to prevent mycotoxicosis.


Veterinaria Digital - 5/02/2021

Global Vet’s Lab, technical support service now available!

Mycotoxin analysis: Both, raw materials and balanced feed can be contaminated with mycotoxins since weather conditions worldwide promote the growth of toxigenic fungi in cereals. This service provides a general and accurate idea of the feed...


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