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Veterinaria Digital - 5/02/2021

Silicoglycidol meets all conditions to be highly effective against mycotoxicosis

The properties that make a mycotoxin binder highly effective to prevent mycotoxicosis.


Veterinaria Digital - 5/02/2021

Global Vet’s Lab, technical support service now available!

Mycotoxin analysis: Both, raw materials and balanced feed can be contaminated with mycotoxins since weather conditions worldwide promote the growth of toxigenic fungi in cereals. This service provides a general and accurate idea of the feed...


Veterinaria Digital - 24/11/2020

Deoxynivalenol: one of the most prevalent mycotoxins globally in 2020

Mycotoxins are fungal metabolites often found in the feed and harmful for animals. There are different types of mycotoxins produced by different species of fungi and their presence depends, mainly, on the conditions of the environment and the...


Veterinaria Digital - 7/10/2020

Technological innovation to prevent mycotoxicosis

Fungi and mycotoxins represent and important challenge in the way to achieve the performance objectives in farms, due to the negative effects they have on animals. To prevent mycotoxin consequences, it is essential to apply methods with a double...


Lda. Maria Sabaté - 16/09/2019

Technical-commercial visit of Biovet in Pakistan to present its range of natural additives

A Biovet’s techical and sales team visited Peshawar (Pakistan) in July coinciding with the presentation of the company in the country, which was carried out in an event organized by Biovet’s distributor Peshawar Traders Private Limited (PTPL)....


Lda. Maria Sabaté - 9/09/2019

Mycotoxin binders Aisen and Aisen Plus registered in Chile

Minervet S.A. has registered the products Aisen and Aisen Plus in the Livestock Agricultural Service (SAG) of Chile, where the company is increasing its commercial presence. The two products are part of the mycotoxin line made with aluminosilicates...


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