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VD - 13/05/2018

The intelligence of plants. Dissemination 114th

It is considered that all living beings, that are related to the outside, and respond accordingly, have some form of intelligence. But because of their lack of motility, traditionally, it has been considered that plants lack of intelligence.

Scientific News

VD - 6/05/2018

Dating of new vestiges of life. Dissemination 113th

A research team from University College London (UCL) has dated between 4280 and -3,770 million, the age of fossil bacteria located on the banks of the Hudson River (Nuvvuagittuq in Canada), an area of ancient hydrothermal vents. This finding brings...

Scientific News

VD - 22/04/2018

The movement of plants. Dissemination 112th

The leaves of Erythrina crista-galli, a tree belonging to the order of the Fabales, family of the fabaceae, daily perform a phenomenon known as "nyctinasty" which consists of folding its leaves on the trunk at night and deploy them at dawn.

Scientific News

VD - 25/03/2018

Biomimicry. Dissemination 111th

Janine Benyus (New Jersey 1958) presented in 1997 her book "Biomimicry: innovation inspired by Nature" where she defended the idea: "We must ask nature about how we can design the products and processes that allow us to solve the needs of Humanity in a...

Scientific News

VD - 4/02/2018

Adaptation to solar radiation, heat and cold. Dissemination 110th

The snail is a gastropod mollusc extended on a vast diversity of environments on the Earth. The most common species, typical of temperate climates...

Scientific News

VD - 22/07/2017

Coccinella transversalis. Dissemination 109th

Coccinella transversalis is a mandibular arthropod. The study of the jaws is important to use these arthropods, as instruments of biological control, against other parasitic animals of plants and especially for the biological fight against aphids,...

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