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Magazine of veterinary information, medicine and zootechnics, specialized in the poultry, pig, ruminant and aquaculture sectors

Magazine of veterinary information, medicine and zootechnics, specialized in the poultry, pig, ruminant and aquaculture sectors

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Veterinaria Digital - 10/04/2019

Dr. Sittiporn Praneenij on Thai broiler industry: “Farming is moving towards a 4.0 model”

Dr. Sittiporn Praneenij is Senior Vice President of the C.P. Animal Health Business Group, subsidiary of the Charoen Pokphand Group (C.P. Group). He received his doctorate on Veterinary Medicine at the Kasetsart University (Thailand) in 1979. During his...

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Lda. Maria Sabaté - 15/01/2019

Vallbo Foundation: ‘Research on veterinary is vital’, Dr. Jaime Borrell

Dr. Jaime Borrell Valls Chairman and founder of Vallbo Foundation. Private non-profit organization.   What is it and why was Vallbo Foundation created? Vallbo Foundation is a non-profit organization, which bases its activity on topics of general...

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Lda. Maria Sabaté - 12/12/2018

Dr. Liliana Revolledo: “Salmonella has become a hobby more than a job”

The Doctor Veterinarian, Liliana Revolledo, completed his doctorate and a master degree at the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil). She has dedicated his professional career to research and teaching related to veterinary science topics. Likewise, she has...

Lda. Maria Sabaté - 25/09/2018

Dr. Roberto Minetti: “Any change in the legislation modifies behavior in the producers”

We interviewed Roberto Minetti, member of the register Department of the National Service of health and agro-food quality (SENASA) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Dr. Minetti has been a member of the SENASA Veterinary team for 23 years. In this interview he...

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Lda. Maria Sabaté - 6/02/2018

‘The Peruvian Paso horse is considered the softest saddle-horse in the world’, Dr. Manuel Efráin Rosemberg, zootechnical engineer

Dr. Rosemberg has dedicated his professional life to the veterinary world, especially to animal production where he has developed several lines of research. The Peruvian Paso Horse (CPP), one of the passions of Dr., is the main subject of this interview....

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Lda. Maria Sabaté - 18/07/2017

Eduard Torres: “The most positive aspect of veterinarians is to have improved food, health and food security for people”

In 1966, Dr. Eduard Torres graduated as a veterinarian for the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Since then, and until 2012, has been dedicated to the veterinary world and more specifically, to animal production. Although his first steps as a...


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