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Jerson Andrés Cuéllar Sáenz - 4/08/2020

Artificial insemination in pigs

Reproductive assistance techniques, such as Artificial Insemination (AI), have significantly improved production rates on pig farms in recent years. On the other hand, according to the FAO (2016), pork is worldwide the most consumed type of red meat...


Dr. MartĂ­n Quero - 12/05/2020

Mycotoxin contamination of raw materials used in the swine feed industry in latin america

Mycotoxins are low molecular weight chemical compounds generated as secondary toxic metabolites by a wide range of fungi. These microorganisms belong to the phylum Ascomycota, commonly known as moulds, particularly the genera Fusarium, Penicillium,...


Dr. David DĂ­ez Arias - 8/05/2020

Mycotoxin incidence in raw materials and feed in the swine industry

Situation in Southeast Asia. The pig industry in Southeast Asian countries has markedly increased in the past 20 years. The increase in population, as well as a moderate industrialization of the sector, have contributed to this growth, although,...


Dr. Germán Bertsch - 8/04/2020

Main causes of diarrhea in pigs

Traditional prevention methods and natural solutions of the diarrhea in pigs. Among the most important problems due to their negative effect on productivity and profitability in pig production are gastrointestinal disorders, particularly diarrhea...


Dra. Maria Soriano - 23/03/2020

Animal feed preservatives: effect on feed’s microbiological quality

The microbiological quality of the feed is a factor of great importance in animal production because of its impact on productivity and health status of the animals. In addition, the importance of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi or yeasts) and...


Dr. Marco A. Hernández - 12/03/2020

Facilities in the pig sector. Pig housing

The following general requirements must be considered in the construction of pig housing: The land must have adequate drainage to avoid diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and pneumonia in the pigs. The orientation of the accommodation when...


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