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Dr. Roberto S. Minetti - 24/10/2018

Feed Registration in Latin America

This article presents the lecture given by Dr. Roberto S. Minetti, of the National Service of Health and Agri-Food Quality of Argentina (SENASA, for its initials in Spanish), in the XXXI International Symposium of Biovet in Tarragona, during the...


Ldo. Fernando R. Feuchter - 7/06/2018

Livestock Diagnosic 2018 in Sonora (Mexico)

The updated diagnosis allows to analyze the progress made in the productive sector and to see the profile of new technologies that are necessary for the global competitiveness of the livestock activity. It does not include the fishing sector, nor...


Ing. Gerardo Mayoral GarcĂ­a - 31/05/2018

Pig farming in Mexico over time

Mexico has always been considered a very rich country in many different aspects and one of them is pig farming, but to be able to be considered an important country in this area of production we have to go a little to the past to understand how it...


Scientiae Doctor Manuel Rosemberg - 13/02/2018

Cattle farming in Peru

The cattle farming in Peru has a population, according to the 2012 agricultural census, of 5,156,000 cattle. 78% of this population are in the mountains, 11% at the coast and 10% in the jungle.


Dra Evangelina Zárate - 18/08/2017

Swine Pathologies in Argentina

As for today the production of pork in Argentina is in the third place after the bovine and bird. In 2016 there was an average consumption of 12.3 kg / per person of pork; belonging 3kg to the consumption of slaughtered, this value was the...


Dra Evangelina Zárate - 15/01/2017

Use of additives in the poultry industry in Argentina

At the scientific and technological fairs and congresses held during the year 2016 the clear trend towards the use of these technologies in animal nutrition applied to different types of livestock farms (aquaculture, cattle, swine, and poultry)...


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