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MV. Júlia Pié Orpí - 15/09/2021

Use of natural multifunctional solutions in broilers: relative organ weight, digestive and hepatic lesions and microvilli structure

The multifunctional natural solutions used in this trial were designed to supply the requirements of broilers in the different stages and to replace a wide variety of additives with only one product for each productive stage.


Atlas of Pathology

Veterinaria Digital - 13/09/2021

Avian hepatic shigellosis

Avian hepatic shigellosis: Shigella sp. is an enterobacterium with faecal transmission and oral contamination through drinking water in most cases. Some wild or urban birds have been described as transmitters , and flies act as reservoirs polluting the...



Dr. Germán Bertsch - 25/08/2021

Efficacy of using cimenol ring in broilers compared to organic acids and fungal inhibitors

The addition of preservatives to the feed with action against bacteria and fungi prevents losses and the challenges caused by the excessive proliferation of these microorganisms in the feed, and, in turn, has a positive effect on the productive...


Main Pathologies

Jerson Andrés Cuéllar Sáenz - 5/08/2021

Gumboro disease: What is it and how to prevent it?

Gumboro disease is an avian pathology of viral origin that affects young poultry and can have high mortality. How to prevent and control it?



Dra. Maria Soriano - 29/07/2021

Effect of the combination of intestinal optimizer pronutrients with coccidia vaccine in broiler chicken

Coccidiosis is a disease of great importance in the poultry sector due to its impact on the productivity and welfare of the birds and the economic losses derived. Intestinal optimizer pronutrients are molecules of plant origin capable of stimulating the...


Atlas of Pathology

Veterinaria Digital - 26/07/2021

Septicemia in broiler

Several factors can cause dysbiosis and alter the tight junctions of the intestinal epithelium. This facilitates the passage of multiple bacteria and their toxins to the bloodstream which cause septicemia. A common sign in cases of septicemia in broilers...

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