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Main Pathologies

Jerson Andrés Cuéllar Sáenz - 11/08/2020

What is avian influenza and why is it so important?

Avian Influenza, also called avian flu, is an infectious disease caused by an Influenza A virus, which generally affects all types of birds and sometimes mammals. It is of global importance today because of the effects it can have at a sanitary and...


Atlas of Pathology

Veterinaria Digital - 3/08/2020

Gizzard lesions by mycosis

Gizzard lesions by mycosis: Mycoses are often caused by Aspergillus, Penicillium and Fusarium, fungi present in the feed; or are a consequence of an excessive use of antibiotics. Necrotic lesions can be observed in the gizzard corneal layer, together...


Atlas of Pathology

Veterinaria Digital - 27/07/2020

Gizzard lesions by trichothecenes

Gizzard lesions by trichothecenes: Trichothecenes are mycotoxins that cause necrosis in contact with tissues. They belong to the sesquiterpene group and are produced by fungi of the Fusarium genus. The picture shows necrosis of the gizzard corneal layer,...



Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 22/07/2020

Effect of intestinal conditioner pronutrients on production parameters in geese during the laying period

The administration of intestinal conditioner pronutrients improved the health status of animals thanks to a greater intestinal integrity and greater absorption of nutrients. The group with pronutrients achieved lower morbidity and mortality compared to...


Main Pathologies

Dra. Maria Soriano - 21/07/2020

Haemorrhagic enteritis of turkeys

TREATMENT AND PREVENTION OF TURKEYS HE outbreaks can be treated by subcutaneous injection with 0.5-1ml of antiserum from recovered birds. Recording secondary infections, antibiotics may be used and, if possible, election should be based on...


Atlas of Pathology

Meckel’s diverticulum in broilers - 20/07/2020

Meckel’s diverticulum in broilers

Persistent Meckel’s diverticulum in broilers: This appendix forms a sac between the jejunum and the ileum. Its reabsorption starts in the embryo and finishes after hatching. Its volume progressively decreases as the bird gets old. Uncomplete...

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