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Poultry Farmning


Jerson Andrés Cuéllar Sáenz - 8/12/2021

Vaccination instruments: significance and innovations

Vaccination instruments are one of the most important factors in modern animal production industries where innovations play a key role.


Jerson Andrés Cuéllar Sáenz - 2/12/2021

Strategies for the control of poultry coccidiosis

Poultry coccidiosis is a disease whose impact on poultry farming can be reduced if control strategies are implemented.


Jerson Andrés Cuéllar Sáenz - 24/11/2021

Importance of wheat in animal feed and production

Wheat is a raw material used for feed and animal production worldwide for its nutritional and economic value.


Jerson Andrés Cuéllar Sáenz - 17/11/2021

Ochratoxin A and its impact on intestinal welfare in poultry

Ochratoxin A is a mycotoxin of great impact in poultry farming due to its effect on intestinal welfare and microbiota.


Dr. Germán Bertsch - 9/11/2021

Poultry: liver challenges derived from the diet

High production performance makes animals prone to suffer from hepatic stress, making the organ more susceptible to different challenges, such as mycotoxins, free radicals, infectious agents, and diets with an inadequate protein-energy ratio that...


Dra. Maria Soriano - 26/10/2021

Physiology of bone and calcium in laying hens

Laying hens have a unique calcium and bone metabolism, adapted for egg production and eggshell formation.


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