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Veterinaria Digital - 7/09/2018

Veterinaria Digital wishes vets

Veterinaria Digital congratulates the Academy of Veterinary Sciences of Catalonia, the Council of Veterinarians of Catalonia, the regulatory body for veterinarians (Colegios de Veterinarios) of Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona and the Catalan...


Lda. Marta Dompablo - 3/07/2018

A commercial team of Alquermes Mexico visits Russia

The commercial team of Alquermes Mexico visited Moscow (Russia), in June, 2018 to make a first contact with the Russian market. The main companies in the sector in Russia were visited and the antibiotics Alquerplus Doxycycline 15% and Aldox were...


Lda. Marta Dompablo - 17/06/2018

Pronutrients, protagonists of two sessions at the XXXI Biovet International Symposium in Tarragona

Pronutrients were the protagonists of the second and third session of the XXXI International Biovet Symposium, which was held from May 26 to 29 in Tarragona, with the assistance of producers and distributors of the poultry and pork swine sector,...


Natia Cheminava - 4/06/2018

Pig farming customers of Romania received training from a technical-commercial team of Biovet S.A.

Pronutrients, preservatives and mycotoxin binders were the main topics of the training, provided by the technical-commercial team of Biovet for the customers of porcine of Romania, in the Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona, Institutional headquarters...


Lda. Marta Dompablo - 7/05/2018

Biovet´s distributor in Bangladesh travels to Spain

In April 2018, the distributor from Bangladesh (Md. Tusar Chowdhury) and the consultant (Md. Niamat Ullah) traveled to Spain and held meetings with the founder of Biovet, Dr Borrell, and the head of Sales in Asian markets, VĂ­ctor Huguet, in the...


Lda. Marta Dompablo - 23/04/2018

A technical and commercial team from Biovet visits Ukraine

A technical and commercial team from Biovet, accompanied by the country's distributor, visited poultry and swine farms in Ukraine in March. During the stay, Biovet veterinarians carried out necropsies in poultry and pig farms, and explained the...


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