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Dra. Anna Tesouro - 1/02/2016

Use of polyphenols in broilers hepatic regeneration

Toxics presence in feed, drinking water and some drugs can be harmful for the liver, altering hepatocyte and kidney cells metabolism. These damages are manifested by alterations in the blood serum biochemical parameters like hepatic enzymes,...


Natia Cheminava - 13/01/2016

The Rooster Fair in Vilafranca Del Penedés

One more year of the traditional celebration of “Fira del Gall", a festival that takes place during the last weekend before Christmas which has started for almost a century ago. In 2015 it opened its doors on 19 and 20 December in Vilafranca...


Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 1/09/2015

Russia veto consequences, the risk of dependence

The Russian ban on imports from the EU has become a nightmare for thousands of producers. But this impact can go beyond shopping to Russia, given the implications with third countries and the collapse in prices that producers fear.


Lda. Anna Fariñas - 27/08/2015

Marketing – Sales management

One of the most important actors in the sale: are buyers. So we stop at this factor to analyze more deeply. Kinds of professional buyers: 1. Initiators: people in the company that detect a necessity and know the suppliers. 2. Users: people in the...


Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 8/07/2015

Expansion veto by Russia

The agricultural sector is suffering an increasingly difficult situation and the authorities don’t do anything to improve their health. The veto has affected more autonomous communities such as Catalonia, which have a vocation for export....


Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 30/06/2015

The interventionism of the Russian Government.

The productive capacity in primary sector has been reduced nearly 50% since 1991. This decline has been accompanied by the reduction of the state subsidies. The low productivity of the sector is due to the inefficiency of the reforms undertaken to...


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