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Edgar Sanchez Pujals - 2/10/2015

Chicken consumption per capita in Central America

After analyzing the consumptions of all the year 2014, we concluded that Panama has the largest market with the double of levels of chicken consumption per capita than the average of the other Central American countries, with a consumptions around...


Enzo Rodriguez Ortega - 22/09/2015

Eliminate corruption is it possible?

During recent months the investigation issues of corruption have arisen in a number of countries and resulted in apprehensions of senior officials have been reported in the different media. Millions of dollars have been withdrawn from the state...


Enzo Rodriguez Ortega - 10/03/2015

Biotechnology in Panama

Biotechnology is based on the use of technology for the utilization of the mechanisms and biological interactions of living organisms, especially unicellular by a multidisciplinary field. Biology and microbiology are the basic science of...


Enzo Rodriguez Ortega - 11/02/2015

Importance of latin american market

In the eighties was a period of acute economic crisis for Latin American countries. Mainly by the global recession and armed conflict. The new millennium brought new and better horizons led by business. The Latin American region despite being a...


Dr. Jaime Borrell Valls - 30/05/2012

Aromatic Pronutrients in Aviculture and its use. Part 1

1. SUMMARY Aromatic plants contain substances of vital importance for its biology whose presence allows to the plant, attracting animals who will help to their diffusion, at the same time that will be a defence mechanism against micro-organisms...


Dr. Enzo RodrĂ­guez - 17/10/2011

Biological products and immune system.

Introduction Biologicals is a Wide and varied subject to talk about, from the starting of its manufacturing, intermediate steps of manufacturing quality controls to final product. This discussion will obstruct the comprehension of the readers, and...


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