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Noticias / Mycotoxin binder

Mycotoxin binder


Lda. Maria Sabaté - 9/09/2019

Mycotoxin binders Aisen and Aisen Plus registered in Chile

Minervet S.A. has registered the products Aisen and Aisen Plus in the Livestock Agricultural Service (SAG) of Chile, where the company is increasing its commercial presence. The two products are part of the mycotoxin line made with aluminosilicates...


Veterinaria Digital - 15/07/2019

Technical training in China

In May, the veterinarian Martín Quero travelled to China where he imparted technical trainings together with HANSENG (Weifang Yutian Herui Int. Trade Co. LTD), Minervet’s distributor in the country. Dr. Quero visited several locations in the...


Ldo. Albert Curto - 24/04/2019

Biovet S.A. visit some of the largest poultry producers in South Africa

Dr. Maria Soriano, representing Biovet S.A. Laboratories, visited some of the main poultry companies in South Africa between April 1 and 5. With a strong presence in America, Europe and Asia, Biovet plans to increase the commercialization of...


Ldo. Albert Curto - 25/03/2019

Biovet visited Bangladesh to participate in the International Poultry Seminar and Show 2019

A Biovet S.A. laboratories' team, formed by sales agent Ferran Brull and Dr. David DĂ­ez, travelled to Dhaka, Bangladesh, to attend the International Poultry Seminar and Show 2019. Such event was organized by the representatives of the World Poultry...


VD - 8/03/2019

Biovet S.A. – 35 years of history: 1988-1990

Biovet S.A. Laboratories, manufacturer of natural additives for animal nutrition, turns 35 years. In this piece of news, we highlight the events that took place between 1988 and 1990. Among them, it is worth emphasizing: the development of the first...


Redactor - 3/01/2019

Biovet S.A. patents the invention of a procedure in the field of mycotoxin analytics

On November 28th, Biovet S.A. published the patent about the invention of the procedure to evaluate mycotoxins binding capacity in monogastrics and polygastrics. This patent is in the mycotoxin analytics field. The patented procedure pretends to...


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