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Dr. David DĂ­ez Arias - 2/04/2020

Broiler management in the starter phase

The starter phase in broiler farming is a key stage in the production cycle. The length of this period varies depending on the management system, but, generally, it considers approximately the first 14 days of the birds' life. In this phase,...


Dr. Germán Bertsch - 8/05/2019

Avian coccidiosis: current situation in Southeast Asia and natural control methods

Coccidiosis is recognized as the parasitic disease with the greatest economic impact in the poultry industry worldwide. The losses are estimated at 1.5 trillion dollars per year, represented by a decrease in productive efficiency and anticoccidial...


Dr. William Ruiz - 26/09/2018

Action of a natural preservative and pronutrients in broilers

This article includes the lecture given by Dr. William Ruiz, representative of INPSAS (Colombia), at the XXXI Biovet International Symposium in Tarragona, during the second session dedicated to pronutrients, which took place on May 28th, 2018....


Dr. R. Alphonse Gnanarajan - 29/08/2018

Main avian diseases found in India

This article includes the lecture prepared by Dr. Alphonse Gnanarajan about main avian diseases in India. Main Pathology - Poultry Farm


Conferencia - 28/11/2017

Efficacy of Alquernat Zycox against chemical Coccidiostat in commercial broiler chickens

This essay about coccidiosis was presented by Dr. Taohidul Islam, professor at the Bangladesh Agriculture Univeristy, at the XXX International Biovet Symposium held from October 27 to 31, 2017 in Cordoba. Coccidiosis occurs clinically or...


Dra Evangelina Zárate - 15/06/2017

Findings in broiler slaughter plants

During the process of broiler slaughter, the registration veterinarian has the possibility to visualize several injuries during the inspection of the birds. Many of them occur during the activities of capture and transport of the birds to the...


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