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Magazine of veterinary information, medicine and zootechnics, specialized in the poultry, pig, ruminant and aquaculture sectors

Magazine of veterinary information, medicine and zootechnics, specialized in the poultry, pig, ruminant and aquaculture sectors

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Technonews VD - 23/07/2018

Reduction of aflatoxin M1 in milk upon supplementation with a mycotoxin binder (with Silicoglycidol) in dairy cattle

The aim of this trial, conducted at Iowa State University in April 2018, was to evaluate the reduction in aflatoxin (AF) absorption upon feeding with a mycotoxin binder (with Silicoglycidol), so it could prevent absorption by binding AF in the digestive...


Inter Videre

Lda. Maria Sabaté - 6/02/2018

‘The Peruvian Paso horse is considered the softest saddle-horse in the world’, Dr. Manuel Efráin Rosemberg, zootechnical engineer

Dr. Rosemberg has dedicated his professional life to the veterinary world, especially to animal production where he has developed several lines of research. The Peruvian Paso Horse (CPP), one of the passions of Dr., is the main subject of this interview....


TucĂ­dides - 24/07/2016

Transparency 53: MorĂłn Mayorga Department of Records MIDA

According to sources consulted by Transparencia, on May 26, the official of DINASA had to appear in Third Chamber of the Supreme Court of Panama as a result of a process against decisions made by the MIDA. The situation of the attempt by the official...


De res agricolae (Columel·la) - 21/07/2016

The milk collapse in Spain

In April 2015 the milk shares allocated by the European Union to the member countries were eliminated. It assumed as the end of protectionism in the milk sector. Supply and demand has become controlled by markets, as well as the prices. However,...


TucĂ­dides - 10/07/2016

Transparency 52: Jorge Arango the minister of MIDA: About the lack of transparency to the abandonment of their duties

"La Estrella de Panama”, two years ago, on July 2, 2014 wrote: (1) "The ministry, every five years becomes a department of human resources where the new people with a certain profile replaces others with almost the same profile. That is how the new one...


TucĂ­dides - 29/09/2015

Transparency 49: Marvin Vega and Celia FrĂ­as

In Transparency No. 44 of  Veterinaria Digital dated September 24, 2014 we wrote, referring to the dismissal of Manuel Antonio González Cano as director of Animal Health of the MIDA the following: "Situations like the exposed incline us to propose...


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