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Dr. Germán Bertsch - 8/05/2019

Avian coccidiosis: current situation in Southeast Asia and natural control methods

Coccidiosis is recognized as the parasitic disease with the greatest economic impact in the poultry industry worldwide. The losses are estimated at 1.5 trillion dollars per year, represented by a decrease in productive efficiency and anticoccidial...


Dr. R. Alphonse Gnanarajan - 29/08/2018

Main avian diseases found in India

1) MAREK’S DISEASE (MD) Marek's disease is a neoplastic disease caused by an oncogenic herpesvirus. The virus infects lymphocyte cells that, in some cases, will become tumour cells and infiltrated in different organs and tissues of the animal.


Dr. Altaf Gohar - 11/07/2018

History of avian industry in Pakistan

This article includes the conference prepared by PhD. Altaf Gohar, representative of Meyaree International, Pakistan), for the XXXI Biovet International Symposium, in Tarragona, 2018. Under the title, "History of the poultry industry in Pakistan"...


Dr. Enzo RodrĂ­guez - 4/04/2016

Quality of culture

If we review the definition what is culture and quality, most of the time we think that they are aspects of the private sector that generates goods and forgets the public sector. Both entities in the global economy are united in order to compete....


Dr. VĂ­ctor Huguet - 14/10/2015

Aquaculture: Korea

In this article we are going to explore the trends of Aquaculture Market in Korea, which plays an important role in food security, since the country is located on a peninsular with a high population density and limited arable land, the fishery,...


Dr. VĂ­ctor Huguet - 9/09/2015

Aquaculture: Philippines

Dear readers, In this article we are going to explore the trends of Aquaculture Market in Philippines. Approximately 18 percent of the food fish supply currently comes from aquaculture. Milkfish and tilapia represent the bulk of aquaculture...


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