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Magazine of veterinary information, medicine and zootechnics, specialized in the poultry, pig, ruminant and aquaculture sectors

Magazine of veterinary information, medicine and zootechnics, specialized in the poultry, pig, ruminant and aquaculture sectors


Articles of Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 9/06/2021

Antibiotics, Pronutrients

Main liver challenges in African poultry: presence of hepatotoxic mycotoxins and use of antibiotic growth promoters

In intensive poultry farming, there are several factors capable of affecting liver functionality, such as the presence of toxics and mycotoxins, different microorganisms, metabolic overload, etc. The liver is a multifunctional organ, essential for...

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 26/05/2021

Poultry Farming, Pronutrients, Swine

Organic animal production in the European Union (EU)

Organic animal production seeks to improve the level of animal welfare, respecting its specific behavioral habits while maintaining adequate parameters that support it.

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 3/05/2021

Dissemination, Pronutrients

Main parasitic diseases in turkey production in the European Union

Turkeys are the second poultry species produced in the European Union (EU), 14% of total poultry production, according to the most recent data. The past year turkey production grew by 1% and this trend is expected to continue during 2021.

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 27/04/2021

Poultry Farming, Pronutrients, Swine

Natural solution to increased antibiotic resistance in Africa and the Middle East

The emergence of antibiotic resistance is an increasingly important problem in Africa and the Middle East, due to the use of growth-promoting antibiotics in animal feed. Intestinal conditioner pronutrients are a natural alternative to ensure...

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 22/03/2021

Mycotoxins, Poultry Farming, Swine

Effects of mycotoxins on animal production in Russia and Eastern Europe

Studies conducted during the last part of 2020, as well as predictions for the first quarter of 2021, show an increase in the prevalence of trichothecenes (T2) in feed, placing itself as the most prevalent mycotoxin 42% in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 23/02/2021

Aquaculture, Pronutrients

Use of pronutrients to improve egg hatchability in rainbow trout

Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)is one of the most produced freshwater species in the world. Production during 2018 was 850,000 tons globally, with Iran being the first producing country, followed by Turkey and Chile. Trout reach sexual...

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 13/01/2021

Aquaculture, Pronutrients

African Catfish: problems related to feeding

The African catfish or Clarias gariepinus is one of the main aquaculture species produced, due to its a highly resistant and productive specie. As in other aquaculture species, feed digestibility problems are common in catfish, especially during the...

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 12/01/2021

Mycotoxins, Swine

Effect of Deoxynivalenol (DON) on pigs | influence of environmental conditions in Europe

The deoxynivalenol (DON), is one of the most important mycotoxins in pigs, due to the high sensitivity of this species and the high prevalence of this mycotoxin in the European continent, where it causes a marked reduction in feed...

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 31/12/2020

Microbiocide, Swine

Use of natural products in intestinal health in piglets

Intestinal health is a key aspect for the proper development and productivity of animals. The gut is responsible for the absorption of nutrients present in the feed, so any alteration of its functioning has a negative impact on the use of feed and...

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 16/11/2020

Immunostimulants, Poultry Farming, Pronutrients

Main immunosuppressive pathogens and the use of immunostimulants in poultry

The main immunosuppressive pathogens with interest in poultry have viral etiology, and the Gumboro disease virus (IBDV), the infectious bursitis virus, the Newcastle disease virus (NDV) and the infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) are the most...

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 31/08/2020

Aquaculture, Pronutrients

Larval feeding in aquaculture species

Aquaculture is the animal production system with the higher growing rate in the recent decades, however, due to the lack of knowledge about larval development and larval requirements, this production has been limited to a few species...

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 15/06/2020

Aquaculture, Enzymes, Immunostimulants, Pronutrients

Fish immune system: how to improve aquaculture production through immunity

Traditionally, the immune system is divided into the innate or nonspecific immune system and the adaptive or specific immune system. The fish immune system has both types of immunity, innate immunity, and adaptive immunity. It is essential to keep...

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 4/05/2020

Feeding, Poultry Farming

The egg yolk color and pigments

As the saying goes "you eat with your eyes first", nothing closer to reality: the color of the food is one of the main factors affecting our choice. Within animal production, this organoleptic aspect acquires a great importance in the case of eggs,...

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 5/03/2020

Aquaculture, Digestives, Preservatives

Feeding and digestion in fish

Knowing and understanding the feeding and digestion in fish and its peculiarities is essential to produce feed and additives that fit their needs and feeding behavior. The digestive system of fish shows a huge plasticity due to the different...

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 23/01/2020

Antioxidants, Poultry Farming, Swine

Oxidative stress in animal production

Vitamin E and selenium (Se) are essential micronutrients that play a key role in the maintenance of the oxidative balance. The oxidative balance refers to the balance between the production of free radicals and the antioxidant capacity of the...

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 2/12/2019

Immunostimulants, Pharmacology, Swine

Causes of immune deficiency in pigs

Animals have a highly specialized mechanism consisting of organs, tissues and cells, whose objective is the detection and elimination of potentially pathogenic external agents. Such a defensive mechanism is what we call immunity. The organism has...

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 8/11/2019

Poultry Farming

Main disease vectors in poultry and control

Disease vectors include all those agents (person, object or animal) capable of transporting and transmitting a pathogen to another living organism. This article focusses on those disease vectors of special interest in poultry. The most important...

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 3/10/2019

Antibiotics, Feeding, Nutritionals, Pharmacology, Preservatives, Pronutrients

Organic Products, a growing trend

In recent decades there has been an increase in the consumption of organic products worldwide. This upward trend stems from the increasing social awareness about the environmental impact of food production. Increased sensitivity to the use of...

Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui - 28/08/2019

Antibiotics, Pharmacology, Pronutrients, Swine

Zinc Oxide. Is there any alternative?

Zinc oxide is an inorganic compound that has been since the early 90s (Holm, 1993) as a treatment to reduce the incidence of weaning diarrhea. However, in 2015, the Committee for Veterinary Medicines (CVMP) detected an environmental risk arising...


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