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XX Biovet International Symposium. Second session

29/04/2013 Biovet ALQUERNAT NEBSUI

The second session held at the XX International Symposium Biovet 2013 was structured in the following conferences:

 Presentation of field trials, moderated by Dr. Montse Alamos.

  • Results of Alquerfeed Layers in China.
  • Evaluation of use of Alquerfeed Ovoponedoras.
  • Results of Alquernat Nebsui in Romania.

In the presentation of these in vivo studies is demonstrated the effectiveness of these products through the following conclusions:

- Alquerfeed Layers: a 33-week trial demonstrates that increases 2.67%  in the setting and reduces 1.89% the mortality.

- Alquerfeed Ovoponedoras: We conclude that reduces the amount of broken eggs in 50%.

- Alquernat Nebsui: demonstrates that reduces mortality by 12%, increasing 9.06% weight and improved conversion rate of 3.26%.



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