Veterinary Digital congratulates Biovet,S.A. Laboratories for the 30th anniversary of its founding on July 20, 1984. | Veterinaria Digital

Veterinary Digital congratulates Biovet,S.A. Laboratories for the 30th anniversary of its founding on July 20, 1984.

20/07/2014 Biovet Collaboration Poultry Nutrition Asia

First of all, Biovet,S.A. likes to thank its customers the confidence to over 30 years. 

The start of Biovet,S.A. was made possible by the collaboration of 11 professionals from the veterinary, pharmaceutical and chemical sciences, and its continuity and success in its commitment to research in the areas of nutrition, immunology and pharmacology. 


Beginnings were not easy as the conditions of the times and the country were not favorable to the emergence of technological projects and business oligarchies and corruption tried to prevent its development. 

On this birthday Biovet wants to remember with special gratitude and affection to Luis Santana and Manuel Arencibia unfortunately deceased among the founders, and Dr. Enrique Hernandez (PHOTO 0) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia loyal partner to whom Biovet owes the development of a big part of its technology. 

Subsequent Biovet,S.A. has signed cooperation agreements with other universities such as the Technological Institute of Sonora (PHOTO1), University of Lleida (PHOTO2) and Rovira Virgili University of Tarragona (PHOTO3). 

Following this line of collaboration with scientific institutions we will highlight that Biovet,S.A.  collaborate with Veterinary Science Schools through academic events (foto4) and sponsoring research awards (PHOTO5). 

Also Biovet wants to thank the Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona to recognize the internationalization Award 2005 (PHOTO6) by the exporting work of Biovet, SA which began with an export to Dominican Republic in 1994 (PHOTO7).

Among the activities which are part of the company culture we can highlight the annual organization of the Symposium Biovet from the first in Manzanares and Zaragoza 1996 (PHOTO8) to this year in Tarragona (PHOTO9) and the biennial participation in trade shows like Expoaviga in Barcelona (PHOTO10) and Latin American Poultry Congress (PHOTO11). 

Currently Biovet,S.A. Laboratories is exporting from its plant in Constanti (Tarragona) to more than 40 countries in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East, through an extensive network of distributors and large corporations of agribusiness technology. The commitment to research in the area of animal nutrition especially focused on binding mycotoxins and using natural products for food preservation and improvement of the physiology of the organs have been successful, both scientifically and commercially. 


Biovet,S.A. is leading an international project to industrialize scientific achievements in the area of immunology and pharmacology. The vaccine against Actinobacillus and SH2 + Enterobacteriaceae and antibiotic crisociolida are some upcoming projects to have a presence in the market. 


It's been 30 years of intense scientific, commercial, administrative and industrial work in which Biovet,S.A. Laboratories has settled down the basis of a large project linked to the food industry and has linked Biovet,S.A. with the improvement of food conditions of people from many countries. 


The motto "Creating health and improving efficiency" has been and will in the coming years a benchmark for the entire business structure Biovet, SA which thus moves towards the 50 years of existence for the July 20, 2034.


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