University of Cordoba: Greeting of Veterinaria Digital by its 40th aniversary

26/09/2013 Veterinary Anniversary

Founded as such in 1972, its first director was Dr. Francisco Castejón Calderon. In its beginnings the University of Cordoba had degrees in medicine, veterinary and Engineering agronomist. The germ of the University of Córdoba is the veterinary school, whose origins are in Escuela Subalterna de Veterinaria in 1847.

Currently, their top for Research, Teaching and Quality are reflected in their studies divided into the areas of health, social legal and agribusiness, scientific, technical, in the latter we could highlight the faculties of Veterinary Sciences and the College of Agricultural Engineering and Forestry.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary are developed activities such as conference cycles, sporting activities, institutional events, presentations of books and documentaries, exhibitions, etc

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Veterinaria Digital joins in this celebration.


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