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The conference about pronutrients at the Scientific University of the South (Lima)

26/06/2016 Poultry pronutrients Conferences

In the auditorium of the Scientific University of the South (Lima) was held a conference on use of pronutrients in veterinary with the assistance of final year students of Veterinary Science course, subject of Avian Pathology. During the session was discussed the concept of pronutrients as biomolecules of natural origin, derived from shikimic acid which by the genetically mechanism stimulate selectively the production of specific proteins and improve the physiology of the animal organs. This new technology investigated by Biovet, S.A. allows reducing the use of chemical additives in animal production, improving food security and maintaining the production parameters of livestock and poultry industries.

During the conference there were presented biochemical tests, histological and zootechnical application of intestinal conditioners and optimizers, hepatic regenerators and immune stimulators in poultry.

The conference was guided by Dr. Jaime Borrell, presented and moderated by the Drs. Manuel Rossemberg and Carlos de Salas, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of UCSUR; it was followed by a discussion with students.

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