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Seminar about fats in Tarragona.

22/06/2012 Collaboration Ruminants Nutrition Europe

Seminar about fats in Tarragona.

On 14th June, a seminar about fats was held in Tarragona by Biovet S.A., entitled "New products for improving the quality of fats," The event was chaired and moderated by Sola Rosa, Vicedean in Research and Sanitary Institutions relationship of URV. The following conferences were introduced:

1.- Used fats in animal feed.

Analysis and description of the current fats used in animal feed, its origin (animal, vegetal, mixed...), physical-chemical characteristics, and its quality (oxidation status, hydrolysis...). Analysis of the consequences in animal farming by the spoilage of these fats (feed refusal, changes in organoleptic characteristics...)


2.- Fat degradation processes


Analysis and description of all the chemical reactions that occur in fats intended for animal feed causing their spoilage.


Spoilage by oxidation, polymerization and microbiological spoilage.


3.- Pathologic and on production effect of degraded fats.


Analysis of the consequences in productive performance and health status of farm animals caused by fat degradation products and by bio accumulation of synthetic antioxidants.


Pathological effects of these toxics in organs, mainly liver, that produces a decrease in productive performance.


4.- Antioxidant effects of Cimenol ring


Analysis of the antioxidant effect of cimenol ring intended for fats.


Description of the tests performed with Cimenol Ring as an antioxidant in fats.


– Cimenol Ring has an antioxidant capacity similar to that of BHT

– Cimenol Ring has an antioxidant capacity 41 times higher than Vitamin-E


5.- Other toxics in fats.


Analysis of other products from the degradation of fats and their indicators (such as acidity degree); analysis of contaminants from industrial usage (dioxins, PCBF...)


Use of Alquerplus Acistop and Silicoglycidol to stop the presence of these contaminants in fats.


Following the presentations, the participants conducted a conversation relating the quality of the fats that come to people through the quality of animal fats.


Scientific papers were presented by Biovet staff and research fellows of URV.


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